And Then They Found Me

Kat has been through so much in her life. From her mum getting killed tragically, being abused maliciously by her dad and to top it all off...she's deaf. She now lives in an orphanage and is bullied by the head mistress and by some of the kids. Kat starts to give up all her dreams of becoming a singer and being loved by a family...that is until a certain boy band adopts her and gives her the love she so desperately deserves.


8. Nice to meet you

Kat's POV 

I was packing my clothes frantically. I couldn't believe someone adopted me. Me. I started to think what the family was like. We're they nice? Of course their nice they adopted a girl who's deaf. Right? My thoughts were interrupted by Sally tugging on me signing while she asked "What happened?!" I didn't know what to say my mind was racing in excitement and all I managed to sign back saying "They adopted me." A huge grin appeared on her face and she screamed I guess. I couldn't help but laugh but then it hit me. I got adopted when she didn't and I feel guilty. If anything she deserves to get adopted not me. I killed my mother for God's sake. "Sally I'm sorry you didn't get adopted you deserve a family that loves you and who will take care of you. You deserve a second chance." I had tears threatening to fall down my face but they didn't. Sally just smiled and said " Noooo you deserve this." I couldn't help but laugh she was such a sweet little girl. "I'm gonna miss you." I signed and I pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. After a few more minutes of her helping me pack up my stuff I was saying my good byes to everyone. I did get a few death glares from some of the kids but I shrugged it off I knew they couldn't do anything to me anymore. I made my way to the door where Ms. Pitt was standing with Sally holding on to my hand. When I got to Ms. Pitt she was giving me a look of disgust. I'm not kidding if looks could kill then I would have been killed repeatedly after all the dirty looks I've received. "Thank you for taking care of me for the past 6 months" I say in my slurred voice politely. She just gives my another dirty look and nods. I then turn to Sally and I give her a big hug and say " Be good. I promise I will write to you everyday and I will visit you as much as I can." She nods and we say our last goodbye and I nod to Ms. Pitt signaling I'm ready and she opens the door. I couldn't believe what was before my eyes. A limo and a limo driver holding the door for to get in. My mouth was open so wide I think I could catch flys. The limo driver takes my bag and sets it in the trunk. I wondered who was inside. I got in to find no one in the limo. "Great I have the rich but doesn't care about their kid family" I thought in my mind. But I had to give them a chance I haven't even meant them yet. I then started to think why would these people want me. I'm a 15 year old girl who's deaf. How could these people want me. Well these people are obviously rich so by now I'm guessing they're a political family and I'm a charity case for them to get more polls or votes. I guess I was deep into thought when we started to pull into a driveway. It was a decent sized driveway but when my eyes laid on the flat I was just in awe at how amazing and big it looked. It was white with three stories, I never had seen a house so big it was amazing. "Yep these people are definitely rich. What's next Oliver Warbucks gonna do a song and dance for me?" I thought to myself. Then the door opened for me to get out and I did and saw the driver holding my bag and took it from him so he didn't have to carry it into the flat. I made my way up the stairs to the porch and then the limo driver got the door for me. I smiled and said " Thank you." Hey gave me a funny look probably do to the way my voice sounds. I get that look a lot when I talk to someone new. Though he shrugs off the look and smiles and says " You're welcome." I read his lips. I smile and step inside. When I took a step inside I was in even more awe. This place was so beautiful but it still felt like a home. Though who came out of the next room really put me in awe. It was One Direction. I couldn't believe my eyes by who stood before me. They were all smiling at me. Liam was the first to say something and I read his lips which said " Hi Katherine I'm your Uncle Liam." He said with a smile plastered on his face. Then Louis introduces himself by saying " Hey there sweet heart I'm your crazy Uncle Louis." I laugh at what he said and they boys chuckle as well. Zayn is the next to speak " Hey babe I'm Zayn, another one of you uncles." he also has a wide grin o his face. I wave hi and then Harry introduces himself " Hey there love I'm your Uncle Hazza." I also laugh at what he said and he smiles very wide showing his cute dimples. Last but not least Niall steps forward and says with the biggest smile on his face introduces himself to me " Hi Katherine. I'm Niall. I'm your dad." I couldn't help but smile. Niall Horan is my dad. I feel nothing but joy so I do what I always do when I meet someone. "Nice to meet you." I say with my hard to understand voice and in sign language. Their reaction wasn't what I expected.

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