And Then They Found Me

Kat has been through so much in her life. From her mum getting killed tragically, being abused maliciously by her dad and to top it all off...she's deaf. She now lives in an orphanage and is bullied by the head mistress and by some of the kids. Kat starts to give up all her dreams of becoming a singer and being loved by a family...that is until a certain boy band adopts her and gives her the love she so desperately deserves.


6. Kat you've been adopted

Kat's POV 

When I waked down stairs and saw all the kids in the waiting room. I looked around the room and at everyone and two things came into my mind either the Ms. Pitt wanted to work me for no reason or these people who were gonna adopt a child is either really rich or famous. It's most likely the first one. Though I couldn't stop thinking who this family was and what they're like. Are nice people? Do they beat kids? Are they kind of parents who don't pay any attention to their kids? Are they the kind of people who have 19 kids like those couple from America? Or worse. Do they even care? My train of thought was interrupted by Sally tugging on my arm and when she saw that she had my attention she signed and said "The Ms. Pitt is calling your age group...well more like shouting it." We both laughed at what she said. I told her to save my seat knowing that I'd probably be back and I gave her a hug and went to find my age group to see they were out of sight. As I was about to go down the I felt hand grab my shoulder and I turned around to see Blake, the kid who bullies me, say "Where the hell do you think your going?" I stay silent too scared to move. I could see he got angry and he punched me. Flashbacks from my past started to play in my mind. I then got up and ran to the bathroom with tears in my eyes. I looked into the mirror and saw a bruise forming on my left cheek. I then wiped the tears off my face and put cover up on my cheek. It hurt when I first touched my cheek but I ignored it. When I was satisfied I ran to where they were holding my age group. I came in late but I'm sure no one noticed. I went to the back of the room and played the old guitar the orphanage had. I played several songs from One Direction and I played I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. I was into the music I was startled by Ms. Pitt tapping me on my shoulder. When she saw she had my attention she  said"Kat go pack your things. You've been adopted." I was so happy I couldn't believe it I ran straight to my room and started to pack my things. At this point I didn't care who they were I was finally leavening I'm starting a new life. But the one that kept playing in my mind the one I kept saying to myself "I've been adopted."

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