Letters Written By A Broken Heart

What will happen to Casey when Harry leaves forever? Her only love gone,whisked away only the icy winter breeze. She shouldn't waste her time talking to shadows, but maybe they will understand better than any one else does.


2. November 19, 2013

  Dear Diary,

              I said I would distance myself, and I did. Very well, if I might add. I moved from the small flat down on Broadway down into a slightly bigger one on Mountain Drive. It isn't half as near without Harry cleaning up after me, but that is kind of the point- to distance myself from everything involving him.

   I am all moved in, and I have even a neighbor. Mrs. Sladen. She is a sweet elder woman with a long white braid cascading down her straight back. Her eyes are more blue than a sunny June day's sky, and she is very confident . Although, it is obvious she is aging she does it with grace, and it is as though she isn't growing older at all, for she keeps the spirit of a child in her fragile body. Either way, she is the kindest person I have met in a long while.  I hope she likes me enough to allow me to see her more and more. 



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