Letters Written By A Broken Heart

What will happen to Casey when Harry leaves forever? Her only love gone,whisked away only the icy winter breeze. She shouldn't waste her time talking to shadows, but maybe they will understand better than any one else does.


1. November 6, 2013

        Dear Diary,

                        The harsh sunlight filtered through the blinds, only diminishing its' brightness by a bit. Although, it was still blinding. I sighed and sat up, looking around the clean room. Just as he had left it. Sterile, bright, immaculately clean, and cold.

  He had wished for a clean break, but it had not worked out properly; does it ever? Probably not, but who knows, maybe someone is lucky enough to sneak away without leaving this empty void, this yearning that would not cease to hurt nor would it fade. How am I meant to move on from something so desperately wanted, needed? I am not sure, but the note that he left in his place says I must find a way to. It says very little in the way of explanations; just cryptic sentences strung together with my salty tear stains.

                                 " Dearest Casey,

       I have got to go. You know my favorite quote, well it is very true: "These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume." 

   I am not sure how to word this correctly, so it is gentle and does not hurt quite as much.. However, here it goes: I am leaving and I shall not return. I love you, yes, but it is not enough to keep me in that wretched town any longer. I am sorry, my love. Please do not hate me. Detest me if you must, but do not loathe me, for I do not loathe you. I cannot take you with me for fear of you being even more upset with me and my motives and the like, and for that I will always hate myself.

  Do not go searching for me, for I am nothing more than a mere whisper in the wind, and echo in your mind, a faint and distant memory of the past; forget me. Now.



     I cannot count how many times I have read that letter. Over and over, trying to grasp the inevitable fact that he is gone. And will no longer come back. It seems like a nightmare that will not end, not reality. 

    Maybe I should distance myself from this all... Would it help? Doubtful, but I have got to try something, anything. So, that is what I will do: distance myself from Harry and everything that has to do with him and his outlandish lifestyle.





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