Just Dont Let Me Go

**Kayla and her boyfriend Kayden get into a huge fight, Kayla meets one of the members of One Direction and falls in love with...**


3. Next To Me

A few weeks went by, and I still loved Louis and Liam. I've kissed Louis more and still it felt better than kissing Liam. "Hey babe" Louis said while we were hanging outside on the porch. "Hi" I said. "So when do you plan on dumping that ugly Liam, for a hottie like me" he said with a smirk. At this point I felt Louis was a butthole. But I knew he was joking, but he did have a point I really needed to tell Liam.

I ran and got Liam from inside and pushed him outside. "Liam, I've been keeping something from you" I said in a mumble. "What is it baby?" Liam said a little concerned. "Well remember when we first met, well one afternoon me and Louis were out here forever and we got to talking, then that led to a kiss. But that wasn't no ordinary kiss, that kiss has sparks." I said "So what you're saying is that we're over?" He said a little aggravated. "Yes, I'm sorry" I said. He walked away, then turned back around and grabbed a rifle and started beating me with a chair. "HELP!!" I yelled "CALL 911!" Louis said crying. Zayn called the police, Harry was protecting me and Louis and Niall were holding back Liam. The police got there with an ambulance. Liam went to jail. I went to the ER, a little scared, but I held Louis' hand all the way there.

Luckily I was okay, but I lost quite a bit of blood, so they had to put more in me. I stayed the night but fortunately I could go home the next day. The next morning all the members of 1D (except Liam) took me home. When we got there I took a nap with Louis in his bed. I finally felt safe.

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