Just Dont Let Me Go

**Kayla and her boyfriend Kayden get into a huge fight, Kayla meets one of the members of One Direction and falls in love with...**


1. Just Figruing it All Out


          I ran as fast as I could away from my house with my iPhone, bag, and a couple of hundred dollars. The last thing I heard him say was "I hope you die!" Every so many months we did this, but this time I felt DONE! I hurt my ankle too, from running so fast. About 30 minutes later I found a park bench and cried a little bit. Then a tall, cute manly figure walked towards me. He said "Are you alright?" I told him everything that had happened about Kayden and all that crap. "I am Liam Payne from One Direction" After talking over an hour it started to rain. Since my ankle hurt Liam carried me. I met all the members of One Direction. We all laughed until we cried; talking about our childhood stories. Then I remembered about Kayden. I was quiet for a while, I shed a tear or two. "Are you alright" he asked "Yeah, it's Kayden..."




It was about 11:00pm now, real dark outside. "Liam can you sleep in the floor, because I feel it's cheating; even though we're in 'this' crap.

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