Adopted by Black Veil Brides


1. Chapter 1

•A/N Btw the girl on the cover is Riot•

Hi my name is Riot. I am 13 years old, I'm stuck in this stupid goddamn orphanage, and i cant wait to get out of this hell hole. All the people here are ass holes. All they do is judge me about my music, my hair, my clothes, anything they could possibly judge they judge.

"Riot!" Oh here comes Ass hole #1, Kara. "Riot where have you been?! I have been looking for you all morning."

"I've been in my room like i always am..."

"I hope you have my outfit ready! Cause I want to look beautiful for my new family!"

"Thats what you said the last time people came." At that she leaves my room flicking me off on her way out...

Apperently some people want to come and adopt today. I know they arent gonna adopt me no one ever wants a teenage girl with an attitude and severe deppression. Yeah when i was 10 i was diagnoissed with deppression. That was the year my parents decided they didnt want me anymore...

So I grab my Bullet for My Valentine shirt, a pair of Black Skinnys, and my makeup. I walk into the bathroom that I share with my roomie Stephanie. She's cool. She likes all the same kind if music as me, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Motionless is White, Paramore there's a lot more but those are our favourites. She's kinda loud though, but she's my best friend and I got to live with her.

After my shower I put on my clothes, blow dry my hair, straighten it, then tease it. Then i put my make up on. After im all done I look in the mirror. Ugh.

"RIOT!!! Are you in here?" Steph calls from outside the bathroom


"Well its your turn for the interview!! And I think your gonna like these people!" As i leave the bathroom and put my red converses on Steph gives me a big hug which is kinda wierd. Cause Steph isnt the one to give hugs.

This orphanage has given me the creeps since i got here. Especially cause the halloween decorations are up. When i get closer to the office I see Kelsy the only person who works here that isnt old and cranky. "Good luck Riot." She says with a really big smile on her face. Jeesh why is everyone so happy today?

As im about to open the door out of the office comes Kara. "HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR NEW FAMILY RIOT!!!!"

"Damn. She's loud." I know that voice. It cant be. Dont even fucking lie to me. I turn around and sitting there with a big smirk on his face is Andy Biersack!

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