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hi my name is Megan but you can call me meggs i am what you would call a bad chick ha ha its because i am always in trouble you only live once right well ya i am irish but over here in L.A. why because i am an orphan so ya


6. chapter 5

When I woke up i got up and had a shower when I was done I brunch my teeth then I got dressed and did my makeup when I was done with that I went down stairs into the kitchen and saw scooter there with some one I didn't know

Megan : morning scooter

Scooter: morning sweetie oh this is Kenny he will be your body guard I don't want you leaving to go anywhere with out him

Megan body guard really

Scooter: really we'll I have to go to the studio today do you wanna come

Megan: ya ok and hi Kenny I am Megan

Kenny hi Megan I am Kenny

After that I grabbed an apple and we left to go to the studio Kenny took his own car and me and scooter were in scooters car

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