Tell me a lie (sequal to Protect Her)


9. Chapter 8

I woke up in my bed as the birds sang softly. I looked up at the musceled blonde haired Irish boy. He was already wide awake and staring at me with a smile on his face. "Goodmorning beautiful." He said in his sexy morning voice. "Goodmorning." I said with a smile as he kissed my forehead. "I wish we could stay like this forever." I breathed out pecking his lips before burrying my face in his chest again. I felt his strong arms wrap around me causing me to smile. "I love you so much Allison." He said and I looked him in the eyes. "I love you too, Niall, so much." I said and he pecked my lips once again. 

I ran my fingers down his bare, toned chest as I looked into his amazing blue eyes that always made me melt. I rested my hand on his stomach as I layed my head down on his chest, listening to my heartbeat. "You hear it, huh?" Niall asks me and I look at him confused. "The beating." He explains and I nod. "That's my heart that beats for you, and you only." He said and I kissed him passionatly. "That was so cheesy." I giggled and he chuckled before pulling me into another kiss. 

We both smiled into the kiss and layed in bed, not saying anything. Just enjoying eachothers company. "We have a year off... Do you want to come back with me... to Ireland." He asked, his voice full of hope and I smiled. I loved Niall's family and they seemed to like me. "I'd love to, Niall." I smiled pecking his lips. He smiled widely and told me we were going tommorow. I nodded and he pecked my cheek. 

*Next day on the plane.*

Me and Niall were sitting in the plane towards his family in Ireland and I couldn't wait. We were about to land and buckled our seatbelts. The plane landed and we got out of the plane, wearing our matching superman pyjamas. We took some pictures and handed out some autographs and after that we got into a cab, towards Niall's mum's home. 

"Mum we're home!" Niall yelled and Maura came down. "What do you mean we- Allison! So nice to see you again! I love your hair!" Maura said as she pulled me into a hug. I smiled and hugged her back. "Mum we have to tell you something..." Niall said nervously and we moved to the livingroom. We sat on the couch and Niall took my hand. Maura smiled and covered her mouth trying not to show how wide she was smiling. 

"Please tell me you two are dating. Pleaseee." She whispered to herself and I smiled. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder and Maura squeeled from happyness. "Yeah, we're dating." Niall said as he smiled at me and pecked me on the lips. Maura pulled us into a tight hug. "I'm calling Greg right now." She said happily before calling Greg up, telling him there was a big suprise he was going to love and half an hour later Greg and Denise's voices were heard in the hall. "What's the suprise ma?" Greg asked and Maura told him to go into the livingroom. 

Greg and Denise walked in and they both smiled widely when they saw Niall and I's interwined hands. "Me and Allison are dating." Niall said blushing and smiling, causing me to 'aww' I pecked his cheek and his cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink. Greg and Denise hugged us tight and I giggled. "I'm so happy for you!" Greg cheered and I giggled again. "I hoped you two started dating since the first day I met you." He said and I smiled and looked into Niall's eyes. Niall had that adorable twinkle in his eyes and I couldn't help but stare.

We chatted for a few hours as me and Niall were cuddled up on the couch, damn this boy is a good cuddler. I rested my head on his chest and he kissed the very top of my head causing me to smile.

"You two are so adorable." Denise said with a smile. I smiled back at her and mouthed a thankyou which the answered with a wink. All of us watched Dear John.

Aftere the movie was done I noticed Niall had fallen asleep and I tickled his sides, waking him up. He laughed and pushed me off of him, not knowing it was me. I sat on the floor and pouted at him. "Oh my God, Alli I'm so sorry." He said and I stood up. "This is war, Horan." I said with a smirk before jumping on him so he wouldn't be able to escape and I began to tickle him. He suddenly turned us around, making us both fall on the ground and started to tickle me. I squirmed under him as I laughed hystarically. Greg, Denise and Maura were laughing there asses of and once Niall had finally stopped he pecked my cheek and winked. "I'm sorry to interrupt you two love birds but Niall, you really have to go to bed. It's already one in the morning." 

We nodded and Maura showed me to the guest bedroom. I thanked her and since I was already wearing my pyjamas I just slid under the blankets and slowly drifted of to sleep.


I woke up at four in the morning, not able to sleep since I was freezing. I shivered as I looked at my phone to see I had a billion messages and missed calls from the boys. (Michael, Calum, Ahston and Luke) I decided I was going to call them in the morning, not even knowing what time it would be in Australia. I was really cold and stood up slowly, my bare feet cold against the cold and hard wooden floor.

I opened the door to Niall's room slowly and heard him stir. "Allison?" He whispered and I smiled weakly since I was still really tired. "What's wrong?" He asked, once again his voice a whisper. "I'm cold." I whispered back and I saw him hold up the blanket. I got in next to him and cuddled up into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. "Better?" He asked kissing my cheek and I smiled and nodded.

"Much better."

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