You and I

Carson and her boyfriend Jarred, are in a very happy relationship. They're known as the 'power couple' because they have been together since year 7. Harry meets Carson and instantly, he cant take his eyes off of her. When rumor gets out that Carson and Jarred are fighting, does Harry try to take Jarreds place?


2. Two.

We walked into the classroom and of coarse Katie banged into my arm dropping all of my books. "Katie! What the hell!" I yelled at her frustrated because this happens everyday. "Well I was going to tell you something but I guess you'll have to figure it out yourself." She said taking her seat two seats ahead of me.  I walked to my seat and took my seat and took out my books. 


I wasn't exited for this class because first off I hate math. Second, my teachers a complete bitch. And lastly, Jarred's in this class as well... And of coarse he sits to my right and we will ignore me like he has for the past 2 weeks. Our relationship has obviously gone through thick and thin and it was built strong, but it is waring away and I don't know how to make it strong again. 


I felt the chair next to me fill up and I hesitated to look at who it was. When I built up the courage to look, I was shocked, heartbroken, yet happier that I don't have to see Jarred. But in a weird kind of way, I was so curious as to where he was. As I looked around the room everyone was in there seats but Jarred was not even in the room. Why? 


"Hey, Carson. I didn't  know we had first class together."  Harry said smiling looking into my eyes. I stared into his eyes and looked for a response. I don't know why but this beautiful man in front of me always seemed to take my breath away. Even though I've only just met him.  "Hey Harry." Was all I managed to say. I must've sounded like a complete ass. He smiled and looked down to his books. I took a deep breath and did the same. I decided it would be a good idea to do the Do Now.  "Babe... Carson... Answer me baby." Jarred's voice spoke but I didn't dare look up to him. I cringe at his voice I use to love with so much passion. "Go away." I spoke as my heart shattered into pieces as I said it. "Babe, don't be like that. Please." He said and I snapped. 


"Don't be like what? Mad at you because you had the audacity to ignore me because we had another fight? You thought it was fine to just break my heart every time I had to hear your voice mail? Do you even know how long it's been since we've texted, talked, or even seen each other? It's been two weeks, Jarred. Do you even remember what we were fighting about?" I nearly screamed but kept my voice down. Because the teacher had just walked in. "I- Car, baby please." "No get away from me. I'm done with this. I can't handle it anymore. We don't have what we use to have an I can't it's quite frustrating that I don't know where we lost it. But it's gone and I don't know if I want it back. Now, go away." I said feeling proud of myself and a weird weight was lifted off my shoulders. "I can't if that's in my seat." He said referring to Harry. "Oh, well. I guess you'll have to find a new seat for now on. And he has a name. His name is Harry." I said emphasizing the he and his. "I don't care." He mumbled looking for a new seat. 


I looked over to Harry and he had a face filled with complete anger and he just looked so mad, I wish I could explain it. "Did he really do that to you?" He said through gritted teeth. "Y-yes" I choked out. "Why" he said keeping his gaze at Jarred who was starring at me. I rolled my eyes an looked back at Harry completely turning away from Jarred. "He umm... Called me something's and I yelled at him and said if he said them again then we were done and he didn't want that. So he pinned me to the wall and started to yell at me. When I got away I ran out of his flat and rushed home. We haven talked since." I said watching Harry's anger boil over. "I'll get him for that don't worry, love" he said and looked back to his books. He piled up his pen and started writing. 


What did he mean by that? Was he going to hurt him? I mean I love Jarred. But I'm just mad at what he did to me and how he treated me. But I don't want him hurt. 


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