You and I

Carson and her boyfriend Jarred, are in a very happy relationship. They're known as the 'power couple' because they have been together since year 7. Harry meets Carson and instantly, he cant take his eyes off of her. When rumor gets out that Carson and Jarred are fighting, does Harry try to take Jarreds place?


1. One.

Carson's POV***


I woke up in the early morning and laid in bed as I fully awoke from my sleep. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I sat up and turned my alarm off. I got up and changed into my boyfriend, Jarred's, baggy sweatshirt, and some skinny jeans. I laced up my grey converse and headed downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed the mini-bagels from the bread box and popped one in the toaster. Whilst the bagel is toasting, I make myself a cup of coffee. I took the bagel out of the toaster and  quickly ate my bagel. Checking the time I get nervous I'll be late for school. I chug my coffee, brushed my teeth, out my hair in a somewhat presentable side braid and walked out to my car.


I'm so nervous for today. its the first day back from winter break, which means its a new year, to make it better there's supposedly a new student from Cheshire, and since mine and Jarred's last fight before break, we haven't talked to each other.

I  love Jarred. He gets the best grades. He's very handsome, amazing cheekbones, light pink lips, short black hair and the prettiest brown eyes. He plays for the school football team and is getting a scholarship for one of the best athletic universities. He's caring, sweet, charming, funny... well... he was... Things have changed a lot since year 7 and Jarred is defiantly  one of them. He's very short with me, doesn't text or call me to hang out, he's always starting fights with me over the littlest things and now its been two weeks since he has called, texted, or even answered any of my calls or texts!

I don't know what's been going on lately and I must admit I'm quite nervous-scared.




I pulled into the parking lot and grabbed my bag from the backseat. I ran in the building to get away from this unbearable January temperature. I walk through the halls looking to find either Jarred, Katie, or the new kid. I was aiming more for Katie  because, well, I really don't want to start my morning off yelling and arguing with Jarred, and the new kid thing is just my curiosity. So, best friend it is.


"Katie!" I yelled walking up to her as I saw her by her locker.

" Hey Car! What's up- Oh, Shit." she said dropping her binders to the floor.

"Oh, Here, Love I got it." ... The new kid? asked? he crouched down and picked up her books. When he stood back up both mine and Katie's jaws were on the ground.

"Aw thanks! That was so sweet.. umm?" Katie said looking for his name.

"Harry. Harry Styles. And you are?" he said, his bright green eyes looking over to me, then Katie, then back to me. I could have sworn that Katie would be like "Oh me? I'm Single!"  but thankfully< did not say that.


"Katie. Katie Butrico." she said smiling at him. He's absolutely gorgeous. His curly hair pushed over to the side of his face, the craters on his cheeks pretending to be dimples, his perfectly tanned skin- Wait! I have Jarred what am I saying?

"Carson. Carson Cabriole." I said looking into his eyes. his lips soon forming into a small smirk.

"What a lovely name." he said making me blush a little.


" Kids get to class! You're all going to be late!" the assistant principle yelled walking through the halls. He did this every morning. He will just walk around the halls and yell at people if they weren't in their class a good 2 minuets before the final bell rang. I think its just because he hates writing out late passes or something but what ever the reason, its so damn annoying.


"Bye, Harry!" we said walking away from Katies locker and to our first period class.


"Damn it girl! You've got Jarred! You don't need another man!" Katie whisper-yelled at me causing me to chuckle and smile at her.

"I don't want another 'man'. I can barely handle the one I have." I said. I would've continued but we got to the classroom so... yeah.


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