The Boys

Alex Smith and her sister Jamie Smith moved to Ireland with their mum from Doncaster, they moved to a school where they met some new friends and some new boy friends ....


7. Telling Liam

Rebekah's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Lauren watching videos on her phone. I got up and went to go take a shower. I washed my hair and my body and came back into the room. Lauren was on the phone to someone but I'm not sure who. ' Hey who are you on the phone to? ' I mouthed to Lauren. ' Liam. ' she mouthed back. ' okay see you in half an hour. ' Lauren hung up. ' I'm about to go meet Liam. We're going to the city for a bit. ' ' um okay.. Bye '

Laurens P.O.V

I said good bye to Rebekah and went to meet Liam at the city centre. I called for a taxi. About 5 minutes later it arrived. On the way there I texted Liam.

Hey Liam. On my way now, see you in 5. Xx

- Lauren

Not long after I got a reply.

Ok. See you in a bit. Xx

- Liam

I finally arrived and I saw Liam standing there next to Hollister. I walked over and gave him a hug. ' So where do you wanna go first? ' Liam asked. ' Well I'm starving, so can we go somewhere to eat? ' ' Sure ' we walked to Mcdonalds and ordered our food. We sat down and we got to talking. ' so what do you think of Rebekah then? ' I asked Liam. ' ' she is beautiful and really nice. Why? ' ' oh no reason ' I was smiling to my self. ' why you smiling for Lauren, whenever you do that I know you're hiding something. Tell me ' ' oh it's nothing, it's not like Rebekah likes you or anything ' I started laughing ' what? ' ' omg Rebekah likes you !! ' Liam just stared at me. ' really?? ' ' Yes, why would i lie about something like that? ' ' I don't know but Lauren... I like her as well... ' I started smiling. ' what you waiting for then? Ask her out already!! ' ' fine fine I will. Anyway what are you planning to do with the whole louis thing? ' What does he mean? What am I meant to do? He doesn't like me. Does he? ' what do you mean? ' ' do you not know or something or are you just playing dumb? ' I was so confused. What the hell is he talking about? ' What the hell are you talking about Liam? ' ' oh for gods sake! LOUIS LIKES YOU! ' ' oh ' I tried acting like I didn't really care that much but I started blushing and I was smiling so it didn't really work. We got bored so we decided to go walk around. After a while we decided to go home. ' See you later Liam. Don't forget to talk to Rebekah. ' I winked at him. ' Bye Lauren. Don't forget to talk to Louis. ' He winked back. We both started laughing. We then both walked of.

I called for a taxi. It took about 5 minutes for it to arrive. I got in and I started texting Rebekah.

Hey. I'm on my way home now, I have some good news about Liam and Louis. See you in a bit. Xxxxx

- Lauren

I waited for a reply. About 5 minutes later I got one.

Okay. See you in a bit. Ooo can't wait haha. Xxxxx

- Rebekah

The taxi pulled up outside my house. I gave him the money and walked into my house. I sat down next to Rebekah and started talking to her. ' So what's the news? ' Rebekah asked confused but excitedly. ' Ok well basically Liam likes you and is going to talk to you soon about you two dating and Louis likes me! ' ' omg really ?! ' i nodded. She had a massive smile across her face and so did I. We were talking for a bit then I got really tired. ' I'm really tired Rebekah, I'm going to go sleep. See you in the morning. Love you. ' Night Lauren, I hate you too ' ' I do know that means you love me. ' ' yeah yeah think what it want. Night '

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