The Boys

Alex Smith and her sister Jamie Smith moved to Ireland with their mum from Doncaster, they moved to a school where they met some new friends and some new boy friends ....


5. Another Day...

Louis's P.O.V


I woke up annoyed because my alarm went off at 6:00am because I forgot to take it off for the weekends. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I could hear the tv on and I could tell Lauren was in there. I walked into the living room and sat down next to Lauren and put my arm around her. She snuggled into me and rested her head on my shoulder. ' So Louis what do you want to do today ? ' Lauren asked. ' oh I'm sorry babe, but I promised to go watch the football match with Niall today, sorry '. ' it's alright ' Lauren said. Just then my phone vibrated. It was a message from Alex.

Hey, what are you doing today? Jamie and Harry have gone to the cinema so I have nothing to do. Wanna hang out? X

- Alex

I replied back straight away.

Hey, sorry I can't, I'm going to a football match with Niall, but Lauren isn't doing anything today so maybe you and Lauren could meet and invite Rebekah and go girly shopping and get shoes and make up and girly stuff ;). X

- Louis

Within minutes I got a message back.

Sure! Sounds fun. Haven't actually spoken to Lauren and Rebekah properly so should be cool. X

- Alex

Ok cool come round in 10 minutes. X

- Louis

' Alex is going to come over so invite Rebekah over and you can go shopping or watch movies or something ' ' okay, cool sounds good ' Lauren replied

Lauren's P.O.V

I texted Alex to see if she was free to come over.

Hey Alex. What you up to right now? X

- Lauren

I got a message a couple of minutes later.

Nothing. Bored. Why? X

- Alex

Do you want to come round and hang out with me and Rebekah? X

- .Lauren

Yeah sure why not, be there In 10 :) x

- Alex

Alex's P.O.V

I couldn't wait for today. It was going to be so fun. I've never actually talked to Rebekah or Lauren properly before. I put on some jeans and a top and my white converse and walked round to Lauren and Louis's house. It was only a 5 minute walk. I finally got there and Lauren answered the door and gave me a big hug. Their house was so nice. It was so tidy. We all sat down on the couch and watched tv for a bit. ' Alex, do you want to go shopping? Rebekah asked. ' yeah sure! '

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