In love with my bestfriend

Georgia Rose is an ordinary 20 year old who has three brothers, Simon, Thomas and Ollie. Her dad works in the military and she hasn't seen him for 6 months, her mum is the headteacher at her younger brothers school. Georgia is studying to become a rehabilitation physician for soldiers.
But the only thing is that her best friend is Liam Payne, and now she has feelings for him and doesn't know how to tell him.


14. Over-Protective



Guys this is Liams p.o.v side of the story at the same time looking over the situation too. *******


Liams p.o.v

It's been a few days since the kiss, and I have never wanted, desired for anything ever in my life. I need Georgia to be mine, I need to be able to call her my girlfriend. I just kept thinking about how Michael gets to do that, I was jealous. But that night, I did notice he was a bit protective over her, and kept her to himself to him. Every time he would just talk to her blanking me out and saying " Do you remember....?" it sickened me. It made me angry.

My phone rang, it was Niall his strong irish accent answered "Hey Liam, Simon says we have to fly out to America to do some promoting over there, we are leaving tomorrow night! So start packing!" I moaned, this was bull shit, we literally just finished our tour from Australia about a week ago and I'm still jet lagged! "Oh god, really? I will start packing now! Niall, can I talk to you about something?" I asked, Niall almost immediately answered with a yes. I explained everything to him, feelings, frustration and Georgia. Niall breathed "Oh god, your in a right ol' big one here! OOOOO, wait isnetad of telling her why don't you sing it to her?". I never thought of that before sometimes Niall can come up with the most amazing ideas. "But Niall, we will be in America!" I whined, Niall just sighed "Stupid, video it and send it to her and what ever song you pick I will help you play it on the guitar!"

I know what song I am going to sing, this was going to be perfect and Georgia was going to love it too, hopefully..... 


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