In love with my bestfriend

Georgia Rose is an ordinary 20 year old who has three brothers, Simon, Thomas and Ollie. Her dad works in the military and she hasn't seen him for 6 months, her mum is the headteacher at her younger brothers school. Georgia is studying to become a rehabilitation physician for soldiers.
But the only thing is that her best friend is Liam Payne, and now she has feelings for him and doesn't know how to tell him.


4. A few days too late


Georgias p.o.v

It has been a couple of days since the party and I haven't talked to Liam since, he has texted me, but I can't bring myself to reply. My youngest brother Ollie, bust into my bedroom, he was wearing his light blue superman top and his hair was messy. I think Ollie knows that something has happened, he knew I was sad. "Today, we are going to dinner at the Payne's because we haven't seen them in a while, and Liam is going back on tour tomorrow so... yeah" he waited for my response, but I just nodded and my eyes teared up. Ollie sat down and gave me a big hug and acted like a stand up comedian to cheer me up. He was always good at that kind of thing, it was a gift. Ollie whispered in my ear "Whatever is happening you know I'm hear for you Georgie-Porgie!" I giggled and hit him on the leg. 

I had to bring myself to get ready, I dragged myself out of bed and trenched towards my mirror. Hmmm, like I thought, my hair looked like a squirrel on my head and my eyes tired. I really could not be asked to go today, I was tempted to pretend I was ill, so I could stay at home. I combed through my hair, and put a little bit of lip gloss and mascara on. Then I rummaged through my wardrobe and put on a white floral top, a blue denim skater skirt and red blazers. I looked in the mirror and looked at how my hair was a long and silky and a light brown with natural highlights in it, and how my eyes were brown with hints of green. Also, how I had a few freckles spread around my face. What does Liam see in Sophia? From what I saw she wasn't that pretty. If only, I saw him a few more days earlier and told him how I feel, things would be different. 

Thomas knocked (he is my 16 year old brother) "Come on, Georgia we're going to be late, mum's getting stressed!" I had more check in the mirror and left my room closing the door behind me. And braced myself for the day ahead. 

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