Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


13. vampire love

Girls pov

A while later, his hands started moving slowing down to my hips, I feel him, Our tongues started exploring each other's.

Without warning, we were making out and pushing each other against the walls till my bed.

He pushed me down and I moaned. I wanted him and he wanted me. He started slipping his sweaty hands into my hoodie and removed it quick. Unhooked my bra and started kissing my body. Till the sensitive area, he removed his belt and his boxers.

I want truly amazed.

'Hon, you're already so wet..I haven't do my thang yet' He said in a hoarse voice.

I smiled back in a seducing way and he removed my blue laced panty. I can feel his boner hitting against my area. Slowly, he went into me.

I moaned and he said 'Tell me if it's painful, we can stop this.'

I breathed heavier and heavier, those urge, it went faster and both of us were spinning and sweating so badly. I started moaning and I can feel his heavy breathing, he thrusted me so hard I could feel those liquid injection into my narrow tunnel.

'oh babe you're so tight' as he stopped and laid down,I thought it wasn't over and sat on his cock. I did it myself and he groaned. I can see his vampire eyes growing out of him. I moaned louder and louder, I was in it so much, I can't believe I did this.

'Hyung? who's there? ' Someone cried.

Both of us was so shocked we grabbed our clothes and got dressed within seconds.

Leo pushed the door opened, happened to see us with sweaty necks and dressed up messily.

'Seriously? I knew it. and I heard it, I thought you were watching yadong...' he snort laughed.

'Leo HYUNG promise not to tell anything please, not vixx, only you and me okay?' said N

I stood there, embarrassed, I was so shocked.

But my life is complete...I'm no longer jekyll, I'm hyde.

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