Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


9. Cured without pain

Girls pov

I dropped to the ground. Without warning, a pair of strong hands carried me up, fragilely from the ground. Panting, seems he's hurt.


I woke up with my cute polka dots covers on top of me, I was only wearing my sports bra and shorts. I had a large bandage wrapped around my back on the right side. I was afraid to touch the wounded areas, but surprisingly it didn't hurt at all, I was confused.

I feel a new surge of energy inside me, I pushed myself and sat up. There sitting in the corner, he's the one observing/escorting me since I woke up. I was a little bit embarrassed, I never reveal my abs to anyone, but he was staring at me from far away. I wanted to ask his name but he had already answered me before I finished my words 'y/n, I'm N, you fainted in the middle of the road, your wounds actually heal automatically, because you are already a vampire.'

I stared at him for a while, I couldn't believe what he just said...I wanted to ask if my parents know about this , I was as scared as shit, this is the end...

An answer popped on my head, he talked inside me, vampires are able to message each other through the heart...'Now that you are a half human half vampire, we are in the same group. You are now in another time zone, the time spent here is never wasted in real life, you can wake up anytime, as long as you remember to join in the time slot at 12 every night in normal time...'these rules repeated constantly on my mind.

I looked up and N was beside me, with those sexy eyes eyeing at me.Then he walked away.

I was confused...what was he thinking? He seems annoyed...maybe I lost some details?

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