Cara Morgan was killed in a horrific accident. She has been sent to a parallel universe where the dead thrive. Her parents there didn't know she existed until she died, but her old parents don't know that they could make contact. Cara makes it her mission to re-join her family in her previous universe, but the dead in her world are determined to stop her. Will she ever make it back? Will she ever make contact?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade!*


15. Wogsalg

"Can I help you madam?" the gatekeeper at Wogsalg said turning his head as Cara walked over to him.

"Yes the gatekeeper at the bottom of the country said you have something that belongs to him." Cara said panting, as she had just climbed a massive hill.

"And you're here because?" the gatekeeper said frowning.

"Oh... yeah... right...," Cara said panting between words, "I'm here to collect it."

"Yeah I will give it to you," the gatekeeper said nodding at Cara.

"Oh good...," Cara said holding out her hand expectantly.

"But not until you get me something," the gatekeeper said smiling.

"What do you want?" Cara asked rolling her eyes and slumping slightly.

"There is a mermaid living in that lake," the gatekeeper said pointing at the nearby lake, "I want you to dive down there and bring me a pearl from her jewelry box."

"Get it yourself, the lake is only there!" Cara said exasperated as she watched the gatekeeper smile.

"Fine I will go get it," the gatekeeper said turning away.

"Good," Cara replied starting to walk away slowly.

"That is if you don't want the thing you came for," the gatekeeper said quietly turning back to Cara.

"What do you mean?" Cara asked hesitantly.

"This," the gatekeeper replied shortly holding up a small wooded box triumphantly.

"But..." Cara said stammering looking between the box and the lake, "Fine I'll do it." 

The gatekeeper smiled as Cara turned and dived into the lake.

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