Cara Morgan was killed in a horrific accident. She has been sent to a parallel universe where the dead thrive. Her parents there didn't know she existed until she died, but her old parents don't know that they could make contact. Cara makes it her mission to re-join her family in her previous universe, but the dead in her world are determined to stop her. Will she ever make it back? Will she ever make contact?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade!*


9. Preparing For A Journey

"So...this is the map?" Cara asked, raising one eyebrow at the crumpld, tea-stained piece of paper.

"Of course. Open it." Her 'father' answered bluntly, but Cara did as she was told. Carefully, she peeled away the red seal on the back of the map, then slowly smoothed it out. Scanning over the map, Cara realised that she didn't even know where she was. Nowhere was named the same as where she lived, but the country-place was shaped exactly like the UK. 

In the centre, the capital city was name 'Nodnol'. Strange...then, she looked around the rest of the world. Somewhere to the north was named 'Mahrud', somewhere else 'Kroy' and another place 'Wogsalg'. Something seemed extremely familiar about the names, but then again, something seemed just plain weird. 

"Nodnol? Mahrud? Kroy? Wogsalg? What on earth..." Cara's mutter trailed away.

"Ah, yes. Our country is almost the same as the UK, but, you see, all the places are named backwards." 'Mother' said, watching Cara's face light up with recognition,

Nodnol = London, Mahrud = Durham, Kroy = York and Wogsalg = Glasgow...

She laughed. It was pretty clever, really. But still, where was she?

"So where am I?" 

"Here? We're in Nodnol. Or London, as you'd call it. But the Eastern Pass is not in your land; it is the Gateway to the other world. Your Gateway to here is death. Anyway, it will take you approximately four days to reach The Pass, but it could be five if you include queuing." Cara frowned.

"Queuing?" Her 'mother' nodded.

"The Gatekeeper has many people like you visiting each day. To actually speak to him, you will spend a while waiting, lovie." Cara sighed.

"Well, thanks guys, I'm off to pack." She was about to leave when her 'father; spoke up: "No, no, it's fine, We've already done it." Cara spun round and looked at them. 

"Oh wow, thank you! Wait...I don't even have any did you do that?" 

"We just knew that you wouldn't want to stay here. A few years ago, we went to a prophesier and they said that we should prepare for you to take a difficult journey. So we did. Goodbye, darling. We'll always love you." 

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