Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


11. The swamp

As I was getting off the train I saw a giant looming figure standing over us.

"we'll hello there,I'm rubus hagrid.but you can just call me hagrid.so you are...."

I feeling kinda brave at that point spoke up."Harry and Dakota potter,sir".

"of course I should of guessed,i see it now your scare on your nose and yours Harry, on your forehead".hagrid said in one long word.

He marched off to see to some of the other students.

"the boats have arrived now so leave you luggage where it is and someone will come and collect it."hagrid announced to all of the students.

there was a rush to the boats but somehow me and Harry managed to stay  together.

we ended up in a boat with Luna and hermione.Ron was in the boat next to us with Neville and seamus to people we met  on the train.

we started sailing along the swamp and noting advent full happened .


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