Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


16. The speech

"Silence"dumbledore shouted above the din we were making.

there was silence at once.

"to are old students welcome back and to are new students welcome and I hope you have an enjoyable and influential year at Hogwarts.this year I am trying two things that are different,1 there are a head boy and girl for each house also the second change is that every 1st year will have a 3rd year buddy.i would like all of the first years and third years to hang back at the end."dumbledore said to us all with a broad sweep of his arms at the end."so I say this to all of you nitwit blubber ointment and squeak.off you pop,night night students"after being dismissed there was a ear splitting rumble as the students evacuated.


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