Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


15. The food

I made my way down to the griffindor table as my brother was waving at me.

people kept staring.

"when will they bloopy stop staring"I thought to my self.

I sat down next to my brother and started to dig in.

the food was lustrous.

i had:

2 chicken drum sticks 

1handful of spicy potato wedges 

5 mini tomatoes 

6 slices of cucumber.

after that I was stuffed.

the food disappeared and I expected dumbledore to get up and make one of his speeches,but no the food disappeared and to replaced it there were pudding.

i had for pudding:

1 slice of treacle tart

1 scoop of toffee ice cream

after that I was literally bursting.

i had some pumping juice,which I was not to keen on so I exchanged it with Harry for a glass of fanta.

I did all of this in silence while Harry talked to the people around us.

i mentally decided that would talk to the people I would be going to class with for the next month.

dumbledore got up as the food disappeared  and shouted,





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