Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


14. The dilemma

I made my way to the hat.

it said easy 


the sorting hat carried on.

but as the random professor,who introduced herself as professor McGonagle,started to put the hat away the hat cried out."wait,professor I have made a mistake May Dakota potter come up".

"what the hell,what the hell what the hell"I started chanting in my head.

I sat under the hat for the second time that day. I could hear lots of people murmuring to each other.

well I don't know what to do with you you have the brains and wit of ravenclaw gut the bravery and determination of griffindor,so where to put you"the hat was pondering this for 10minutes when the hat spluttered the answer out...

"I have never had to do this before but there is a first time for everything."

"you will spend a mounts in ravenclaw and a mounts in griffindor and you will have your own quarters for that reason. You may choose the table you want to sit at.also if you live in the ravenclaw common room you will go to class with them and the other way round. Your quarters 

Are just of professor mcgonagles"the sorting hat told me and the rest of the hall.

"OMG"I heard lots of students say in unison.



i Can't  publish the next chapter till I have more people in the character comp.

i am now excepting head boy/girl and  prefects 

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