Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


8. Diagon ally part 2

 We had gotten all the supplies we needed, all but a wand.

 "Where to next?" I quizzed curiously.

 "Olivander's wand shop," replied Lupin, indicating to an enclosed, rundown old shop. We entered, and a bell chimed, and an old man, who I expect was Olivander, emerged from within the vast array of wand-filled shelves. He handed Harry a long wand. He waved it and the glass of flowers exploded. On the third wand, there was a golden glow around him.

 "Holly, eleven inches, rather supple, single phoenix tail feather." Olivander noted ominously. "The brother of You-Know-who's wand." (you know the rest).

 He handed me a thin wand, and a golden aura emerged around me.

 "Hhmm..." he murmured. "Fourteen and a half inches, fir, unicorn hair, unyielding."

 I walked out with a bright smile on my face.


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