Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


18. Chapter 17

me and my brother were sitting at the griffindor table with Seamus,dean,Ron and hermione when dumbledore left the room and McGonagle scurried down to are table because the other heads of houses were talking to there houses.

"right then,I will do head boy and girl first.the head boy I'd Rafael darling."A sixth year looked triumphant.and there was a great deal of cheering through out the table.

"and the head girl is,Katie eatherbridge."again there was a great manner of applauding and Katie was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"and now for the pairings,oh and the head girl and boy can come up to me to,so here we go:

Ron weasley is with mark littlewich

Harry styles is with Emily killaballbalbull.(he looked pretty excited about that,she was defiantly a looker)

Ant marthastide is with  Arthur jones

delila manner is with Harriet manor (she looks happy cause it is her big sis after all)

hermione granger is with Connor ledonner 

And so forth 

Harry potter is with annabeth callcallac  

and that is everybody" McGonagle summarised.

"what about me"I ask in a quite voice,which is totally not like me.

"you will have albus dumbledore as your buddy,and you will also have me,because I literally live next to you."McGonagle told me.there were a few gasps above the chatter from the other tables.

"ok everybody follow your new heads to your dorms"McGonagle said with a clap of her hand.

"oh and Dakota follow me,we will sort your timetable out tomorrow."she added quietly to me.

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