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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


20. Chapter Twenty


"How that hell could you be so reckless and careless!" Anna paced back and forth and glanced at me.

I groaned when she yelled at me. Okay so what? I casted a small spell on her mate or the males that are in the pack house and now I'm being blamed something that I was trying to do for her? This doesn't make sense.

"It's not my fault." I replied.

She stopped pacing and her head slowly turned to me.

"It's not my fault." she mimicked me." It is if you were the one to cast that spell."

I rolled my eyes.

"Well at least you could get Hayden's attention." I suggested.

She weakly laughed.

"Do you have any idea what this spell can do to the males or the alpha's?' she asked.

"I'm pretty sure if I did then it would have been in the book." I replied.

She sigh.

"Great, now I have to clean up your mess." she told me.

I shook my head.

"You don't have to do that. You know we could use to our advantage." I responded.

She didn't say anything but soon nodded.

"As long as no blood is spilled." and she walked out.




I was walking out of Anna's room when I was pulled to the side by Allie.

"Cameron is about to slit someone's throat out." she said.

She led me through the crowd and stopped as we got into the view of the fight. My wolf was cheering Cameron on and I was clearly getting annoyed. Anna pushed through the crowd and looked pissed off. She glanced at me but focused on the fight.

"STOP!" she yelled and they looked over to her.

Her brother was fighting Cameron.

"That's just great." I thought.

My wolf agreed.

I shook my head at the scene and walked away with everyone silently staring at my back. I walked back to Anna's wall room and looked at her spell book. I found out that there was a certain page in the back of the book where there was names.

"Rose." I called out.

The little girl appeared again and I smirked at her.

"I was busy." she told me.

I raised my eyebrow.

"But your dead." I said.

"But still means I have a life." she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at me.

"And still doesn't get rid of your attitude." I replied." Anyway, what is this."

Rose hovered over the book and smiled.

"The witch bloodline/family tree. It tells ever witch in the world and tells and shows the family tree of that person." she answered.

"Where's mine?" I asked.

She shrugged.

"Probably with your father's name..." she trailed off.


She nodded and magically the pages flipped then randomly stopped on a page. I looked at the page.


I smiled and went down the list.

"That's strange." Rose suddenly said.

I looked at her and asked her what happened.

She didn't turn my way but disappeared into thin air and I huffed.




I walked out and noticed that there was no one around do I walked down the stairs and saw that we had guest.

Alex and Alexander.

They grin at me and Cameron came to stand next to me.

"Control yourself." Cameron's said through mind link.

"Your telling me this...?" I asked.

He gripped my waist.

"Whatever." I relied and sat next to Anna and Allie at the dinner table.



I played around with my soup as I felt Alex's stare.

"Is there a law that say's that I cant punch Alex in the face?" I asked Allie.

She smirked.

"Just a few hours." she relied.

"HOURS!I already feel like pocking my eye out and its only been five minutes." I told her.

"So how about that weather?" Alexander broke the silence.

I rolled my eyes.

"What a great way to start a conversation." I told him.

"Have anything better to say." he glared.

I stood up and pushed my chair back. I crossed my arms over my chest as wolves moved away from me.

"Yeah, why are you even here. Last time I checked, you didn't like werewolves. Actually you tried to kill me and my friend." I said.

He smiled and stood too.

"I'm just trying to help my wife know all of the packs." he relied.

I raised my brow.

"Who would want to marry you?" I asked.

A lady soon walked in and took her place next to Alexander. I stared at her and noticed she looked just like me or I looked like her. My mouth was wide open when I realized who it was.

My mother.

"No hello?" she spoke up.

I continued to stare at her but I stomped out the room followed by Anna and Allie. I pushed past the doors and hit the wall, slowly sliding to the ground and letting my tears fall down. Allie and Anna finally caught up to me and sat on the ground next to me.

"She betrayed the witches, wolves, vampires and now she's with Alex's father that tried to kidnap me. She abandoned me and never came for me even if she knew where I was. " I shared with them.

"Can you forgive her?" Allie asked me.

I nodded.

"She's my mother."

Allie and Anna looked at each other like they were debating on something.


"Follow us." Anna commanded.

She led us to her room and opened her wall we all raced down the stair and Anna stopped in front of her book.

 She looked worried.

"Remember that spell you casted?" She asked.

I nodded.

"Well it's not in the book." she said.

I grabbed the book and flipped the pages. They were blank.


"The whole book is erased but the names aren't all there." she responded.

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"You casted a spell that weren't suppose to then the book is erased. That isn't normal." Allie replied.

I flipped to the last pages of the book and notice one name pop up.


I turn to Anna.

"Who's Gabriel?" I asked.

She raised her eyebrows and quickly grabbed a book next to her and flipped pages. She threw the book on table.

"He's a mermaid... or merman." she had a confused look on her face.

Allie shook her head at her.

"He's a merman but he also come's on to land for a couple of months to have business with the alpha's." Allie told me.

"What would a merman possible want with the Alpha's?" I asked.

I stood next to Anna.

She shrugged." It's pretty awesome that he and Isaac have a.... different relationship than most people." she answered.

"What do you mean?" Anna stepped in.

Allie throw her hands up in the air.

"Do I have to find everything out for?" Anna nodded." Isaac and Xavier are brothers and Irina's mother seems to never make her mind up when it comes to boys nor the fact to admit who she actually slept with."

"Admit sleeping with who?" They ignored me.

"You don't have proof." Anna told Allie.

Allie crossed her arms over her chest.

"There is proof." she answered.


"Ryan and Irina." Allie said and we all watched her.

"Isaac's my father." I stood in front of Allie." Now how do you know that Gabriel is my real "father"?"

She sighed and took a seat on a couch.

"I guess no one knows about her affairs with Isaac's brother." She started." I guess you can say that she was in love with Isaac but she wasn't always faithful to him. Isaac didn't like to talk about his family but everyone learned that he had two brothers. Xavier and Gabriel. Xavier was the rebel of their family and was the disappointment. He was scared of Gabriel since he was the sweet and caring person that won everyone but was best at kicking ass and making people kissing his ass. Isaac, on the other hand, was just the twin of Gabriel and didn't like the fact that he was the better brother than himself. What made it worse? Gabriel was suppose to take over the pack and become alpha even thought he and Isaac were twins. Isaac was fine with it until he thought of he and his brother sharing the same mate. So Isaac tricked him into leaving with a stranger even though that stranger was a very important and strong vampire that is on the loose and is wanted for many things. So as Gabriel left, Isaac became alpha. Xavier is planning something. Gabriel is currently ruling over a kingdom and have some business with the alphas." she explained.

"What does this have to do with my mom...." I trailed off.

She nodded." Let's see..... It started a few months before you and Ryan were born. Um... Your mom was with Isaac but often wasn't around because of Iris. She would sneak Gabriel in and start to have sex and then make him leave because of Isaac. It was kind of friends with benefits but that started to change when your mom started to develop feelings and the more they did it, the more it got stronger. Then she realized she was pregnant. So she made up a plan to make Isaac believe it was his child and run off."

"Why did she run off?" I asked.

She shrugged.

"I don't know but she does." she responded.

"So you want me to ask her?"

She nodded but Anna interjected.

"But we need to fix the magic.' she said.

Allie groan.

"But it's your bloodline so cant you get it back?"

She shook her head.

"I may be a witch but I'm not that powerful." she replied.

"Obviously." Allie remarked.

They were about to snap at each other necks when I stopped them.

"Maybe we could do both things at the same time but we cant fight on this." They nodded." We need a plan."

They agreed.



"So Allie will led everyone to the ball room while Anna stays in the room and prepares with the spe-"

"But I cant do the whole spell by myself." she cut me off.

I sigh.

"I'll find someone. Anyways, then I will be in the dinner room with my mom and get information off of her and create a distraction while you guys get the guys to think clearly and probably kick some ass." I explained.

They nodded.

"Move out." we got out the room.


I walked to the dinner room with Allie to my left and entered the dinner room.

"Take the females with you." I sent through mind link.

Allie looks at me.


"Yes, just take them."

"Now we will be moving to the ball room for a little show." Allie spoke and gathered people out the room.

I noticed my mother stand but I told her to sit down. Allie got everyone out and shut the doors behind her. I sat across my mom and crossed my legs and leaned on the table.

"What is this? A game?" she asked.

I leaned back on my chair and smirked.

I shook my head." What I want to know why you said my father in Isaac?" I ignored her question.

Her eyes widen.

"Why don't you think he isn't?" she nervously looked at me.

I snorted.

"I know about your affair. What I want to know is why you did all of that just so you could ran away and look where you are now." I told her.

She stood up and gripped the table. I didn't flinch.

"Poor mother, being a whore for money. I mean its a good way to make money but not the way I th-"


I smirked.

"You may be my daughter but I wont hesitant to rip your heart out." she threaten me.

"Interesting you said that. I was regretting the idea to let my friends to do that but I can see why you don't have many friends." I responded.

She growled at me.

"I have friends." she gritted through her teeth.

"Doesn't look like it. It looks like you have friends with benefits but that doesn't count." I told her.

"What do you want from me?" she sat down on her chair.

I smiled.

"It's great that you asked. But all I want is information." I confirmed.

She nodded.

"Isaac isn't my real mate and never has been. I pretended to be his mate so that I could get my Luna title and show my family that I'm powerful but it didn't work. They slowly died, each one of them and it was painful. So I found out Isaac had a brother, Gabriel. I went to go find him but found myself being in his bed and you know what happens next. Anyways, I made him a deal that he would keep my family safe then I would give him his needs and he agreed. It was all about the deal but I soon developed feelings and I had a connection to him. I became pregnant within five weeks with him and I never told him nor have seen him after I found out. I told everyone that it was Isaac's so that it wouldn't be obvious that I was sleeping with someone else but Iris got an idea and found out and told everyone. So I ran and Alexander took me in and took care of me. Now I'm back."

I narrow my eyes on her.

"That isn't your plan. It looks too innocent for your taste." I told her.

She glared at me but nodded and grin at me.

"Smart girl and it is. My plan is much bigger than what any of you would think.

"Cameron is helping us. We need at least half an hour." Allie told me.

"OK." I relied.

"So if that isn't your marvelous plan then why are you here and not with Gabriel if you love him?" I asked her.

She shift in her seat and looked at her hands.

"I do love Gabriel but he probably has a mate and wont want me as he did." she responded.

I came to a sudden realization.

"Your afraid of rejection." I said.

She nodded and weakly laughed.

"But it's okay once I get a hold of his mate." she says.

I raised my eyebrows. She notices it.

"I will kill her and take all out all the other women and get myself pregnant and kill him so I can get crowned." she explains.

I rose form my seat.

"But that's my father." I said.

She shrugged.

"I don't care." she replied.

"Fine we follow your plan and kill her. " I told Allie.

She sighs.

"This means war." I thought.



Alex's POV

She is beautiful and confident, just how I like them.

"Are you listening to me?" my father asked.

I slowly shook my head. He sighed.

"You need to find a wife soon." he told me.

I agreed.

"I already have someone in mind." I responded.

He nodded.

"Then go get her." He replied.

"It's not that easy."

He shrugged.

"You always get what you want, what is making you stop now?" he asked.

I smirked.

"I can I take her kicking and screaming?" I raised my brow.

He grin." That's my boy." he patted my back.




I managed to sneak out the of the ball room where everyone was. I retraced my steps and went to the dinner room.

"That isn't your plan. It looks too innocent for your taste." I heard someone say.


"Smart girl and it is. My plan is much bigger than what any of you would think." Katherine said.

"So if that isn't your marvelous plan then why are you here and not with Gabriel if you love him?" Irina asked her.

"I do love Gabriel but he probably has a mate and wont want me as he did." Katherine responded.

My eyes widen at what she said.

"Your afraid of rejection." Irina said.

She weakly laughed.

"But it's okay once I get a hold of his mate." she says.

I raised my eyebrows.

"Who's her mate?" I asked myself.

"I will kill her and take all out all the other women and get myself pregnant and kill him so I can get crowned." she explains.

"What a selfish bitch." I thought.

"But that's my father." Irina said.

"Gabriel is her father?"


"I don't care." Katherine replied.

".....If Gabriel has Ryan and Irina and Irina had a baby then the baby....." I smirked." I need to go tell my father."


I backed away from the door and ran off. I ran through the main halls and felt someone watching me. I was about to leave and turn the other way when someone jumped out of nowhere and scared me.


"What are you doing here?" he intimating asked.

I shrugged.

"Not your business." I replied.

He shook he's head.

"You should be with the other males." He informs me.

I narrow my eyes on him.

"Why?" I asked.

He tore his stare from me and looked behind him. When he saw no one he turned around again and throw me to the wall.

I have to admit, It hurt like hell.

I pushed him away but he didn't move since he was a werewolf.

"I swear to god If you touched Irina, you will beg for mercy."  he threaten me.

"It's not my fault Irina wants me more than you." I replied.

His hands gripped my throat.

"Your lucky Irina told me to release you. Your lucky that I didn't hunt you down. But you wont be lucky if you somehow touched WHAT'S MINE." his eyes brightly shining which meant that his wolf wanted to get out.

Cameron took a step back and glared at me.

"Just keep that in mind the next time you try to touch her or try to take her away from me." I nodded.

I quickly ran to find my father and I did.

He looked at me.

"I know who Gabriel's daughter is. She's my next wife." I told him.

He grin." What's the plan?"

I smirked.

This will be too easy.


This is nearly ending so what do you think?

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