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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


19. Chapter Nineteen

Hello Earthlings!

I basically haven't been updating because I just got back to school and I have been busy so I wanted to write this chapter.

I hope you enjoy it.




Camila and Anna have been nodding at me door. Begging me to come outside. After finding out that Cameron is pushing me away and marked me which basically makes me his and now I find out that he's also an Alpha and more he's going to be protective. I ignore Camila and Anna's pleads and grabbed my mom's spell book. I flipped the pages before stopping on a summoning spell. I was about to start the spell when someone kicked my door down and everyone entered my room. Cameron stood before me with his glowing eyes and claws out and was breathing hard. I put my hands up in surrender but Cameron's eyes were glowing and turning darker. My breathing has stopped when Cameron walked closer to me. I looked to the door and everyone was leaving me alone with Cameron.


I snapped my had to Cameron's direction and he continued to come closer. My back hit the wall and he pressed my body against his, leaving no space in between us. I held my hands on Cameron's chest but that didn't stop him. His finger stroke my cheek and his eyes bored into me. I felt my heart stop as he touched my mark. I bit hard on my lip to take me from moaning but that was when Cameron buried his head in my neck. I held in my breath as he kissed it.

"You have no idea what you make me feel." he whispered.

I gulp as he cupped my cheeks and leaned in for a kiss. I did the same as our lips touched. I wrapped my longs around his waist and pulled him closer. He growled. I giggled at him and continued to kiss him.


After a few hours.....



Cameron led me to the first floor where we saw Anna and her brother. I let go of Cameron's hand and sat next to Anna as she groan about paper work. I laughed at her as she pout at her brother when he said there will be guest.

"Then I have to get ready." she answered and pushed back her chair.

We watched her leave and her brother let out a sigh.

"She is a piece of work." he said.

Cameron laughed and I noticed his eyes were still glowing.

"Why are your eyes glowing?" I asked.

He's eyes snapped to mine and he smirked.

"I made a bet." he answered.

"With?" I asked.

"With Cameron's human side that I be shown." he replied.

"What" I thought.

"I'm Cameron's wolf side but I'm stuck in the humans body." he said in my mind.

I continued to stare at him and he caught me then smirked. I shook my head and went to Anna's room. She was no where to be found but I found her wall wide open. I entered through the wall and saw stairs led to a room down the stair. There was a touch on the wall and I grabbed it. As I walked down the stairs, I saw some drawing craved into the wall. I examined it and saw it was a cycle.

There was a tree and people would circle around it. Then they would do a dance and enters a body that looked dead and fell on the tree. Then I guess a pool of blood would spill and they would offer the blood to the tree. The tree accepts it and takes the body as the people start doing magic and the cycle starts again.

I looked at the pictures and it looked like it was drawn a long time ago.

"What are you doing here?" someone shouted at me.

I looked up and Anna looked at me, pissed off.

"Why was your wall open?" I retort.

"You cant answer my question with yours." she answered.

"Well that's how life works."

She rolled her eyes and walked away. I followed her down the stairs and saw a room filled with candles, books, bottles, and cabinets. I caught the scent of different herbs. Anna caught me sniffing.

"I'm working on something." I nodded in response.

I sat next to her on the couch as she flipped the pages of her book. I caught a glimpse of it and watched as she gathered candles and bottles. She left the book open and I looked down at the book.


                                                      How to enter someone's dreams

I looked up at Anna.

"Who's dreams?" I asked.

She suddenly stopped and slowly turned to face me. Redness filled her cheeks.

"Not that its any of your business but it's my close friend." she replied and sat next to be and circled the book with candles.

I stare at her as she preformed the spell and I felt cold wind on my face and I see Anna still murmuring words with her eyes closed. She stops and opens her eyes and looks at me. I raise my eye brows.

"Did it work?" I slowly asked.

She didn't respond.

She got up and angrily walked out the room. I was stunned and ran after her. I followed her scent and watched her go in front of a girl with blond hair with green eyes. She was talking with her friends and laughing. Anna turned her around and punched the girl in the face. I reached Anna and holding her back as the blonde's friends were holding their friend back. I looked in between the two girls when Anna's brother help Anna calm down but it obviously wasn't working. I looked at them and told them to stop.

"What the hell is this! Can everyone just CALM DOWN?" Everyone was silent." Now can someone explain to me why are you guys fighting?" I asked.

"I didn't do anything she st-."

"Shut up." Anna cut her off." You started this whole bullshit."

"Can someone explain?" I asked.

"She's just jealous." the blond said.

Anna growled.

"And you cant keep touching what's not yours." Anna growled louder.

My eyes widen.

"This is about a guy?" I raised my brow.

"My MATE!" they both screamed.

"This is obviously a mistake." I responded.

They shook their heads.

"She was sleeping with my mate." Anna protested.

"Wait, who is your mate?" I looked at both at the girls.

Then Hayden walked in and everyone was silent.

"Well that answers my question." I murmured.

Hayden glimpsed at Anna and walked to me.

"What is this?" he whispered/shouted

"You tell us." I replied.

He just stares at Anna but doesn't say anything as he walks away.

"Well now that's cleared up. Anna, lets go." I grabbed Anna and moved her out the room.

She looked at the ground when we enter her underground room. I placed her down the couch as she sobbed on my lap and I brushed her hair off her face.

"H... He  does...n't want" she sobbed.

I nodded and she quickly fell asleep. I set her down on the bed and grabbed her book.

" It wont hurt to let her at least to get something in return". I murmured.

Then I grabbed a candle and started to repeat the words from the book.



I'm sorry that I'm late but I've been busy and will try to update again at least on Friday.

I hope you could tell me about what you think and like it.

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