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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


1. Chapter One

This is first story and I'm new. So please go a little easy on me.

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Chapter 1


"Irina" my aunt yelled.

Moving to a new house isn't as fun as I thought it would be. Now since I'm the new girl at school. Unpacking my clothes from my suitcase and stuffed them into the drawers was my plan until Beatrice came in. Beatrice was my aunt. She has long straight brown hair that stopped in the middle of her back. Her green eyes had little color of blue of them and they sparkled. She looked like a goddess but she would laugh when I mention it. She had fair smooth skin like mine. She was tall, 5' 7''. She was sweet and caring and rarely gets mad. It was Beatrice idea to move because of Xavier. Everything was because of Xavier. I still have the bruises from just cleaning my room. I haven't told Beatrice about them but she's going to find out sooner or later. I still don't understand why she married Xavier in the first place. He looks like a god but there is nothing good about him. He had black curly hair and grey eyes. Strong bone structure and muscles. He's pale skin glowed under the moonlight. He was 6' 5''. He and Beatrice are married, I think. Anyways, Beatrice has been off ever since we arrived in Cape May. She wouldn't leave me alone for 5 seconds but I couldn't blame her. Xavier on the other hand was probably knocked out drunk and passed out outside. Beatrice left to settle in. I removed my clothes and stepped into the shower. I watched as the water slid down my body and over my burises. They mostly cover my stomach. Some are purple and black. They are either getting worse or just not heal.

I stepped out the shower and wrapped myself with a towel. I grabbed a shirt with sleeves and some jeans to dress. I have to cover everything since my bruises reached my arm. I brushed my hair and walked out my room. Beatrice said we were going to buy something for our room. She took the car keys and we settle in the car. She parked in the parking lot and left me to look around.

I stared at the people who were working. I walked into the aisel that had a bunch of colors. I didnt pay attention that i bumped into something. I fell to the ground and stared up at a girl with straight brown hair and grey eyes. She had fair skin like Beatrice. She apologized and helped me up. She started to ramble and stared at the ground.

"I'm so clumsy" she said.

"It wasn't your fault" I said.

She looked up at me and started to grin.

"Oh my god, your new right" she asked.

I nodded.

"Is it that obvious" I asked.

"We dont see a lot of new faces around here" she frown," you are so pretty".

I had straight brown hair that went father down my back. My fair skin made my green eyes pop out.

I thought about it.

"Do you know where i can buy paint" I asked.

She grin.

She let me borrow her phone to call Beatrice. Bearice was upset that i left with a stranger but she calm down and calm down. The girl told me her name was Allie. We walked to a home depot that was near by. She dragged me inside.

Why is she so happy?

We stopped in front of the counter in paint department. A guy with brown hair and grey eyes appeared. He had the same skin as Allie, actually he looked a lot like Allie. She introduced me to her brother Hayden. He stared at me. He's eyes went up and down at me.

"Who's your friend" Hayden asked.

"Irina" I said holding out my hand.

He eyed it but slowly shaked it.

"We have pack meeting" he said to Allie.

"Pack" I asked.

"It's a group meeting we have at a friend's house and we have to agree on things" Allie explained.

I nodded.

She helped me pick out a blue for my room and left for the "pack" meeting.

I walked to Beatrice car where she waited. While she drove she asked what I picked out for my room.

"Paint" I replied.

"When we get home, go to your room and change into something formal" she said.

"Why" I was confused.

"We have invited guest over" she didn't look happy.

Great, I have to meet people.


I ran to my room and look through my drawers. I picked out a light blue dress with sleeves with it. It showed off my legs but that wasn't important. It covered my bruises. I walked down stairs and saw Xavier in a suit and siting at the dinner table. Beatrice started to freak out when we ran out of candles. I suggested I could run to the nearest store. Before she could replied, I was out the door.

I walked around trying to find a store but no luck. I saw some buildings and walked near them. Thats when I hear someone scream. I followed the scream and ended up in a alley. I saw someone on top of a screaming girl. Looking around for the nearst items. I picked up a medium size rock and threw it at them. It hit the guy on top of the girl. The girl took off running to me and pulled me with her. I guided her to follow me. I could hear fast footsteps behind us and only made us run faster. I could feel our hearts beating fast together in fear. I saw my house and made me run faster. We ran up to the door and started to tap on it. We watched as the guy came closer and closer. Finally someone opened the door and we pushed them out the way and the locked the door.

"Beatrice" I yelled.

Me and the girl ran into the dinning room. We found stranger sitting at the table. Beatrice looked concerned but Xavier looked amused as always.

"What happened" Beatrice asked.

"This girl was attacked and I saved her but then this guy started to follow us" I looked at the girl.

I stared at the girl with long brown hair. Her sad blue eyes looked lifeless. She had cuts everywhere on her body. She was paled and looked almost dead. I stared at eyes that reminded me of someone. My eyes widen when I realzied who it was.


Camila took a shower and "borrowed" my clothes. She had bruises but not as many as me. She was still hurt so I have to be gentle.

"What happened" I asked her.

Her blue eyes turned sad.

"A misunderstanding" she simply said.

"How did a misunderstanding turn into almost raped" I asked.

"Remember our pact we made when we were children" she looked at me.

When I was a kid me, Camlia, and Dulce made a pact that we would never lie nor keep secret from each other. We kept this pact up forever but now Camila is going to have a breaking point.

I nodded.

"Well I have a pact with this people and this blamed the wrong thing on me so I ran and they found me" she sat on my bed.

"Just because of this thing,you almost got raped What now" I asked.

"They can't come near you because you have me but they will watch you" she explain.

"Ok lets go down stairs before Beatrice runs over my door" I gave her a small smile.

I walked to the door when she said something.

"Do they hurt" she asked," your bruises, I mean".

I stopped dead. How did she know?

"What are you talking about" I asked.

"People don't understand since they don't have there own scars to hide" she said.

I didn't answer but she followed me down stairs.

I sat next to Beatrice(left) and Camila(right). It was silent until Camila decided she wanted to show her colors.

"This is boring" she complained.

"Maybe you should enlighten us on why you were attacked" one of the guys suggested.

He had wavy black hair and grey eyes. He had pale skin that bring out the pink in his cheek.

"I'm sorry but I didn't know my personal life was any of your concern" Camila smirked.

I could have sworn that I heard him growl. Everyone now stared to me.

"Now it is" the boy said.

"Protective asshole" Camila mumbled.

"This is starting to get fun" Xavier grin.

Before someone could replied the doorbell rang. I ran to the door and froze when I saw a group of people. I stared at a a tall figure in front of me. He had black hair and pale skin. His blue eyes made me to get lost in them. He smiled down at me and pulled him arm around my shoulder. The group followed behind when he lead me to the table.

"Now this is getting interesting" Camila whispered.

The boy sat down and pulled me into his lap and his hold thightened.

"Is this some kind of cult" I asked.

Everyone laughed.

"Can we just get down to business" someone spoke up.

I looked up and saw Hayden and Allie stood next to him.

What have I gotton myself into?


What did you think?

It will get better but please comment.

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