Unknown To Him

Akeelah Jackson is 16 and lives in California. She was adopted at birth by the Jacksons and lived a happy life until now.
This is an excerpt from the story.
* When I got in the kitchen mom was baking. She never bakes unless there is something on her mind."Mom, Who is she?" I said in a hushed voice. My mom slowly set down her pan and spatula. "Mom, Did you hear me? Who is she?!?" I said raising my voice a little more than I anticipated. She looked up at me, tears swelling in her eyes. "We need to talk." She whispered softly as if she could barely get it out.
*No judgement it's my first Movella*


4. Living A Lie

*Akeelah's POV

"What do you mean? Mom What's wrong? Why are you crying? What's going on?" I started rambling. There were so many more questions I wanted to ask, but I couldn't get them all out.

"Could you come with me to the living room, then I'll explain." She sniffled as she began to leave the kitchen, I slowly followed her into the living room. I turned the corner just to see that the strange woman was still sitting in the same spot on our couch. My mom took a seat on our love seat, she gestured to the spot next to her, wanting me to sit with her. As I took my spot next to her, she placed her arm around me.

I looked up to find the women looking at me with sad eyes brimmed with tears. My mom cleared her throat and looked up at then woman. They made eye contact and the woman's eyes were pleading as if she was begging my mom for help. My Mom sighed and then began hesitantly, at a very slow pace. "You know you are very special and people seem to notice that you are different." I just wanted her to spit it out and tell me already, but I could tell she didn't need to be rushed. "Well, you know your father and I love you so much, but you are not truly our child." The only thing I could do was sit there and stare blankly between her and the strange woman.

So what was her connection with the whole thing? Was she here to take me away to my real family? Do I even get a choice on if I go or not? Who is my real family and who have I been living with all these years? My "mom" was not who I thought she was and neither was my "family." My mind was running top speed when I was interrupted by the sound of someone crying. My "mom" placed her hand on my knee as I watched the woman cry. My first reaction was to jerk away from her and when I looked into her eyes they were brimmed with tears. Why did she care if she wasn't really even my mother? "Just tell me what is going on. Now!" I was starting to get really frustrated. "Well, your father and I tried for years to have children with no success. So we began to look into adopting a child and found a woman that was putting her child up for adoption. We were thrilled at the chance to be parents and not feel like we were ripping someones child away from them.  We met with the mother, got to know her really well, went to all of her check-ups and ultrasounds and when it came time she signed the paperwork giving us all parental rights over her baby. Since I had become such good friends with her I told her that, when the child was old enough to understand, she could come back and be a part of her life. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We were then lucky enough to have children of our own, but..." She sighed as if she couldn't go on.

"And... What else? Who's my mom? Where is she? Why did she never come back?" I ranted because none of this was making sense. "Akeelah Muhree, you need to settle down! Let me finish talking and all of your questions will be answered," My mom huffed. Anytime she used my middle name, I knew she was upset. "Fine! Finish."

"Your birth mother came around several times but you just knew her as a friend of mine. Now you can meet her for who she is, Akeelah this is your mother." She motioned across the room to the woman who's eyes were now dry but a few stray tears ran down her face. She reminded me of a mature and very beautiful version of... Who?

As I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall mirror, I realized who she looked like. I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips. As a tear ran down my face, I whispered "I look just like her." I didn't realize that I said it out load until,  my "mom" rubbed my shoulder and said, "Yes, you do."

"Why did you lie to me?" I asked so quiet that it came out as a squeak and was almost inaudible. My "mom" sighed, "We were just trying to let you live a normal life. We were just protecting you until you were ready." I snapped my head towards my real mom and asked "Why did you give me up? Why didn't you care enough about me to keep me?" I was surprised when after finishing my questions my mother replied. "I gave you up because I was young and naive. I knew I wasn't ready for a baby and I definitely was not ready to give up my life. I did love you, I really did. It was just that I knew I could not take care of you properly and I knew, no matter how much it hurt, that you would be better off without me." Listening to her voice somehow was soothing. Though she was trying to excuse her mistakes away, I couldn't help but want to believe her, forgive her and hold her tight. I felt this connection that had been long lost and was now reforming as she spoke.

As I took this all in, I shuddered at the thought that came next. Everything I thought I knew was a lie. Everyone I thought I knew and thought cared for me were liars. Did my sisters know? Who was my father? Did they even know?This doesn't make any sense, this has to be a very bad dream......This can't be happening.

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