Unknown To Him

Akeelah Jackson is 16 and lives in California. She was adopted at birth by the Jacksons and lived a happy life until now.
This is an excerpt from the story.
* When I got in the kitchen mom was baking. She never bakes unless there is something on her mind."Mom, Who is she?" I said in a hushed voice. My mom slowly set down her pan and spatula. "Mom, Did you hear me? Who is she?!?" I said raising my voice a little more than I anticipated. She looked up at me, tears swelling in her eyes. "We need to talk." She whispered softly as if she could barely get it out.
*No judgement it's my first Movella*


2. Just Another Day In Paradise

*Akeelah's POV

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mom:

"Akeelah, wake up before you're late for school. You need to make sure to take your sisters too. Hurry Up!"

"OMG, Mom I just got up! Stop attacking me with things to do and let me wake up fully."

"Fine but hurry because I'm about to leave for work and you're father already left. Don't forget to make sure your sisters eat and feed Cinnamon."

I slung my legs over the side of the bed. Ugh, why does she always act like this in the morning? I dragged myself to the bathroom. In the mirror I saw my untamed black hair in a tangled mess, but all it needed was a few minutes of brushing before it was perfect. I left the bathroom and walked across the hall to my little sisters' bed room. "Hey you two get up or I'm gonna leave you and make you walk to school." "Ugh... Fine!" I heard them say in unison. My younger sisters are twins and they are exactly the same, it's annoying times 2.

I ran down the steps to the kitchen. "Here, Cinnamon. Come here girl, Wanna eat... Yes you do. Good girl!" I grabbed the shiny, pink dog bowls and filled them with fresh water and dog food. I heard the pitter-patter of paws running in the hall towards the kitchen. Then our little shih tzu puppy came to a skidding stop in front of her bowls.

I started to go through the cabinets in search for something good for breakfast, then I heard the familiar sound of my sisters running down the stairs. Jessica came in the kitchen, quickly followed by Jazmine.

Jessica: "Hey, Akeelah, can I borrow your brown ankle boots?" I glared at her because her sister knew that I didn't like sharing my clothes with them. "Pleeeeeeeeease." Ugh! One thing I hated more than letting them borrow my stuff is when they beg. It's just ugly.

"Fine! They're in the walk-in closet cause mom borrowed them for date night. And please don't get them dirty like you did with my hightops."

"Yeah, yeah. Thank you sooo much." Jessica squealed as she ran up the steps.

I pulled some bagels out of the freezer and popped one in the toaster, then turned to Jazmine. "You want one?" I asked. "Nah, I'm not really hungry." She said through her hands covering her face. With her and Jessica being just alike it was not normal for her to act like this. "Hey, what's wrong? Are you ok?" Jazmine slowly looked up at me and started to cry. "No, I'm not ok. Ashley texted me this morning and said she saw Dylan with Rachael yesterday. She even sent me pictures of them hugging and kissing. It makes me sick, Rachael always gets what she wants and Dylan was the only guy who ever said he loved me. I thought he meant it." She was now bawling. Her beautiful hazel eyes always got a bright mix of green when she was upset. "Hey, if he's cheating on you with Rachael then he is not worth your tears. Hey, let's go up stairs and get you a super cute outfit to wear and I'll fix up your makeup."

On the to school, we took our regular route and just so happened to pass Rachael and her posse of skanks. As we drove past, I slowed down, rolled down the windows and flicked them off. Jessica then yelled, "Fuck You Bitch! You mess with my sister's boyfriend again and I will mess you the fuck up. Back the hell off bitch, you and all your dumb ass skanks that follow you around like lost puppies and only agree with you because they're scared bitches." I then rolled up the windows and we all started laughing.

"Hey, that may have been a little bit too much," I said while watching her in the rear-view mirror. She rolled her eyes, "No, if somebody is gonna make my sister cry then they deserve to be humiliated." I parked the car and reminded my sisters to meet me at the car right after school or they are gonna walk home.

"Ok, see ya later." They yelled back in unison as they ran to meet Ashley and their other friends. I laughed and walked to my locker. My sisters may drive me crazy but I can't help but love them and to know that someone is making my sweet little sister cry pisses me off. As I opened my locker, I heard the familiar sound of my best friends laughing and the jingle of Destiny's favorite bangles. I turned around right as both Destiny, Josefina, Tiffani and Haley tackled me. As we fell to the ground, we broke out in hysterical laughter.

Tiffani: "OMG! It's Akeelah."

Josefina: "I love you soooo much."

Haley: "Hey did you do your math because I need help!"

Destiny: "Hahahahaha"

As we got up, I noticed Zayn standing across the hall at his locker. For as long as I can remember, his locker has always been near mine, year after year. No one really knows except my closest friends, but I have had the biggest crush on Zayn since I met him. As he leaned against the locker, he glanced over at us with his beautiful, hazel eyes. I turned away quickly because I could feel my face turning bright red. He was wear a plain white t-shirt, khaki skinny jeans, red hightops and a varsity jacket. His hair was in a quiff with a little remaining blonde from when he dyed it.

I was awakened from my daydream about Zayn by Josefina yelling at me to hurry up and before I could do anything, the bell rang. I closed my locker and heading to my horrible journalism class. Just another day in my life.

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