Truly , Madly , deeply +14

Caiti's life takes a turn for the worse when she's accused of being involved in a murder apparently someone had hacked into her records and changed her history with another persons the one who was the actual killer of her best friend
Makayla. ~
(One direction come in soon!)


1. Chapter one



"So , you're saying that you are not involved in this case.?" The man asked

"As i have told you before , No..." I said my red lips pursing

"Yet we have witnesses saying that you and Mrs.Donovan had a fight the night before she was murdered.. , where does that put you now , Mrs.. uh-." He said forgetting my name.

"Just call me Catherine but i would most like it if you called me Caiti."

He looked at the clock on the wall , "Well you best be going , I have another case to solve and you must have school." he said highly sure of himself. I chuckled and grabbed my coffee of of his dusty desk and left.


I went to my dorm and found my roommate practically passed out on the floor , drunk. I guess she had a party because i found two other people passed out in  our cramped , bathroom. "Lisa! , get up!" i whisper screamed as i stepped on her hair. "Alright , Alright! i'm up!." She shouted rubbing her head. "What the hell happened here while i was gone?!" I said impatient

By the time i had already said that she was in the bathroom pushing a Frat guy off the toilet and getting sick. I grabbed my nose and clenched my eyes. "what.the.hell!" I screamed she covered her ears and groaned "You have some serious issues stop yelling , God!". She said back. Let me describe my roommate she Had long blonde hair , she was stupid (Don't even ask me how she got into Harvard..) and most importantly she was a slut. "Get out." i said sternly

she looked confused and started moving slowly "Get OUT!" I said raising my voice and she got up and ran to the door or maybe ran into it but she left and i began cleaning up the mess she made and kicked the other hippies out. I slumped down on the couch and turned on  the t.v the only thing we got here we're educational crap or football and i hated football when i was still living at my dads house he forced me to play football because he wanted a son instead of a daughter and every time i  said no i didn't want to play he's give me a clout to the ear or hit me. I felt my face just at the thought of that memory and then my mind shifted back to what happened today and i got my notes out and began to write my statement.By the time i was done it was already 9:00 pm  and i had to be at class at 6:00 am sharp tomorrow morning or i'd get kicked out you can only have too many tardies there. I yawned and began to get under the sheets as i heard a knock on the dorm door. "Caiti."A voice whine "Caaaitti!" the voice whimpered it was Lisa. "It's unlocked!." i shouted

"Stupid bitch..." i muttered under my breath

"I'm going to sleep , Night." i said and shut the lights off.



                           ****6:00 AM****


*Beep! , Beep!*

i slammed my hand on the snooze button and began to groan. 

i opened my eyes quickly.

It was 6:00 AM i had to be at class at 6:05! or i'd get kicked out of this college!

I put my jeans on , put a 1D shirt on and grabbed a sweater , then applied some lipgloss and grabbed my shoes that took about two minutes and my bag was on my desk at class. So i ran down the hallway and into the room just as the bell rung. Everybody stared at me. "I have to go!" i said out of breath "Mark me as on time!" i shouted and went back to the dorm to get dressed appropriatley for the meeting with the judge about "The case".

"I'll have 2 coffee's.." i asked

This was going to be a rough day...



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