Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


4. two wrongs don't make a right.


‘…Are you Zoe Clarke? Mind if I sit next to you?’ A male’s voice asked behind her, he sounded like a safe person to hang around with, so she offered him the seat.

            ‘Uh no, go ahead um-’

            ‘Ethan.’ He introduced, and gave a wink at her. He looked sick, pale like flour, his pouty lips were bright red, his eyes were… black.

            ‘You’ve been a bad girl, bunking of school, sleeping round people’s houses, what do you have to say for yourself?’ He asked, grinning as if he was fooling around. Zoe tilted her head side-wards thinking of how to respond.

            ‘I… I’m aloud to live off campus,’ Okay now that was not a total lie, she had no idea whether she was allowed to. He lifted her hand and placed it in his, and went lifted her palm up to kiss it. Ethan paused for a moment, smiling at her, a cold, wicked smile.

            ‘I’ve found a snack.’ Ethan flashed his fangs slowly to tease, and in a blink of an eye James was there in front of them, looking shocked and calm at the same time.

            ‘Ethan, you know the rules.’ James glared at him, giving Ethan the look saying you’re-in-big-trouble-now-boy, and Ethan who still had hold of Zoe’s hand, slowly but painfully squeezed it.

            ‘I advise wisely you should leave, Ethan.’ James suggested, looking at the doors. On the other hand, Zoe scared the living day lights out of herself, just stared blankly at James. What the hell just happened? There was no way she saw Ethan draw his fangs out of his teeth… that’s just… that’s just not normal.

            Ethan released Zoe’s hand and walked out of the door, surprisingly enough Zoe had no expression on her face what so ever. Looking at the time on the wall she could see it was half six in the afternoon, and it was turning night time.

Rachel came out of the staff room finally and looked at James and Zoe, wondering what happened between them whilst she was away.

            ‘Ethan came in, he caught Zoe’s sent.’ He explained briefly. This immediately made Rachel’s face turn into something that Zoe had never seen before.

            ‘What did he do?’ She asked, holding a cloth scrunching it in to a ball.

            ‘Nothing, I came in before there was any permanent damage was done.’ James shrugged, and peered over Zoe’s shoulder to see if Ethan was still outside, and Zoe did the same thing. He was standing by a lamppost, near Rachel’s Black AMG Mercedes. Just acting… creepy.

            And he turned to look at Zoe as well as Rachel.

            ‘I advise you to get home safely, now,  I’ll make sure that he doesn’t follow you home.’ He explained, following them out the door and to Rachel’s car, who then unlocked it, letting James open the car door for Zoe as well as Rachel.

            ‘Whatever you do Zoe don’t you dare look back, got it?’ He asked, looking worried. She nodded twice, quickly. When the car started, Rachel drove off quickly before James could finish his sentence.

            ‘Crap, this is not good…’ Rachel exclaimed. Zoe was tempted to look back; she couldn’t help herself and find that Ethan was there just a few blocks away from them.

            ‘What the hell is going on?’ Zoe asked, yelling as if she saw something impossible…which she had. From all this time, she was lying to herself about vampires not being real, and… they were real.

            ‘Sasha must’ve sent Ethan to kill you, when we get home; we’re telling Jack and David, you’re telling them at that. I’ll just try and stop Jack from beating the shit out of Ethan, as much as I want him to he isn’t worth it. At all.’ Rachel pulled up on the drive and slammed the car door shut behind her, so did Zoe. Rachel, who was struggling to open the door, Ethan followed them there; Whilst Zoe was looking cautiously back at him again. David swung the front door open, looking like an avenging angel.

            ‘Get in now.’ He ordered, with something in his voice Zoe had never heard before, which immediately both of the girls followed on. Seeing Jack alarmed as ever, almost as if he’s seen a ghost, just standing in the hallway.

            ‘Ethan’s back.’ Rachel explained which made him go by David, to see if the rumour was true. And it had been. Jack’s face turned cold, he ran out of the door way and went to throw a punch at Ethan, who dodged it a few seconds early.

            ‘Oh do you want to play it like that now ma boy?’ Ethan lowered his fangs, quick as knife, he ran towards Jack, face to face. Fist clench, jaw tightened.

            Jack, who shoved Ethan out of the way, making him crash into the fence, he danced back as he saw the fury in Ethan’s eyes.

            ‘Jack get, the hell in here now!’ Ethan yelled, grabbing him by the Grey T-shirt, which immediately made him gag, as if he was pulling too hard.  Jack listened to Ethan, who was now inside the house, looking completely and utterly hopeless.

            ‘What the hell man?! Do you want to get fanged or what?’ Jack screamed it, aiming for the door which was blocked by the whole house hold.

Zoe, who was looking blank. She was waiting for someone to tell her what was really going on. This surely wasn’t about her was it?

            ‘Guys have you any idea what happened back there?’ Zoe asked, gasping for air, not keeping her eyes of the door. Really they all had.

            ‘Yeah. What?’ Jack and David both chorused at the same time whilst shrugging their shoulders.

They didn’t seem bothered by it, which really put Zoe in a mood.

            ‘We were attacked. By a vampire.’ She said, looking around towards Rachel, who was just sat down on the sofa, with her head buried in her hands.

            ‘Yeah, It happens every day in Pleasantview, get used to it girl.’ David shrugged again, Jack who was officially looking like a ghost again.

            ‘We need to put Zoe in a safe place. Now,’ He ordered to David, who looked confused. Zoe wanted to help; she had no idea how too though. She didn’t want them to be put them in danger. But there was no turning back for them now.

            ‘Why? Can’t she just stay here?’ David shrugged, he didn’t look at all frightened, and he didn’t seem to care. This hurt, a lot.

            ‘Do you seriously want her to get killed?’

            ‘You’re right, but what made you go all heroic all the sudden?’

            ‘Well maybe ever since that Ethan guy decided to beat the shit out of me!’ Jack yelled, shaking David thinking He’ll get some sense knocked in to him, literally.

David seemed pretty pissed at that point; he couldn’t seem to take this anymore.

            ‘SHE’S NOT DANNY!’ He screamed in his face, so loud that it echoed around the whole room.

Jack’s eyes turned, like he was even more furious. She could see that he was tempted to go back out side and put a stake in Ethan’s heart.

            ‘I know she isn’t Danny. But my sister would’ve wanted me to protect her.’ He tightened his fists up, looking at David straight in the eye, and after a few moments he walked over to Zoe.            

            ‘I’ll make sure you go to your room, and lock the door. Got it?’ Jack ordered. Zoe felt like her heart literally boomed out of her chest and on to the floor. She wanted to help, it was her fight. Not his.

            ‘Okay.’ She took one gulp and nodded, letting Jack lead her to her bedroom. She turned around to see him, and realized their faces were against each other, not to mention they were only a few inches apart. That made Zoe tingle all over with joy.

            ‘Be careful from now on, okay?’ He whispered, stroking strands of her long flat brown hair, is he really going toNo, Zoe keep your head straight! But she really couldn’t. Her knees felt like they were going to break as both of their eyes were locked on each other.

            ‘Ha, you honestly think I could be “careful”? No way-’

She never saw the kiss coming. She was frozen for a minute as the sensation boiled inside her, this was normal kissing- wait okay serious kissing. She realized she was doing a pretty bad job, and she thought she was being measured from all the other girls he’s… kissed. And felt completely useless, and wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him kiss her with everything he had. As their tongues reached she moaned.


Jack backed up as she breathed in his mouth, with his face all flushed.

            ‘We probably shouldn’t have done that.’ He smiled, placing his forehead on Zoe’s, who was bright red as… well as bright red as you can get.

            ‘Yeah, it would’ve been stupid if I hadn’t kissed you.’ She had a hasty laugh, still shaking and still filled with light. Jack caressed her slowly, examining her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking, and faked half a smile.

            ‘Just stay here, I don’t want you to stare at Ethan, he’s a low life, he needs to be taught a lesson really.’ He shrugged, placing his hand in hers. His hands felt rough, like wood, but then she liked that feeling.

            ‘You… you won’t you know- kill-’

            ‘Haha oh hell no, Would if I could but the founder of this town expects all of us to get along well,’ He chuckled, Zoe still looked worried, she knew there was something bad get in the way.  She sighed, a heavy one.

            ‘Well that settles it- what about Rachel-’

            ‘She’ll be up when I go.’

She sighed in relief and backed up a little bit to break the embrace. She didn’t want too.

            ‘Be safe… for me?’ She mumbled, trying to hold back tears.  He cupped her face in his hands, smiling.

            ‘I’m badass, no one can stop me blud!’ He had his chav voice, which made Zoe laugh out loud and slap his chest. Suppose it was a gesture. But his chest felt like rock, and Jack tickled her, and pressed his lips against hers.

            ‘Remember, we can’t… tell about this to anyone… okay?’

Now there was a sudden rush of guilt over her. And she nodded.



            ‘Lock the door.’ He whispered.

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