Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


2. New people, new beginning.

She looked around the street finding seventeen, and found herself right in front of it. It wasn’t the type of house she was expecting, it was big. Not mansion style big, but big enough to hold at least nine people in. The house was creamy white, and had a small oak wooden porch and steps. Golden crispy leaves were scattered around the place, and a home-made swing just to make it look decorated and friendly. A sudden rush of fear came over her, and shivered. I shouldn’t do this. This was a bad idea; she spun around seeing whether the Taxi driver was there so she could go back to the dorms, but no. There was no turning back now. Zoe stood there for a few minutes, going all red again, and this time she actually cried. She imagined Sasha calling her a ‘cry-baby freak.’ Not that it bothered her at all, but she couldn’t help but cry. It hurt a lot, because the tears had to go down the black eye. It felt swollen. ‘Hey you okay?’ A voice she never recognized before asked sorrowfully. Zoe jumped and fell over her own foot, landing on her butt on the ground. She winced as a girl held out her hand; Zoe went to pull herself up. The girl was Goth, she wore all black too but she wasn’t one of those I’m-not-cool type, she seemed to be filled with light, as if no one is giving her crap about how she looked. Her skirt was metal plated, and she wore tights. Her shoes were Doc Martins; she wore a spider laced top. Zoe looked alarmed, thinking she was one of the victims of Sasha. ‘Yeah I’m fine, thanks-’

‘Whoa dude what happened to your eye?’ She examined with what seemed to be surprised and disgusted at the same time. Zoe shifted a little, and picked up the scattered text books on the floor around her and made them neatly into a pile.

‘Um… I tripped and fell.’ Okay that was a total lie, but the girl never bought it.

‘Yeah I’ve been falling into fists and stuff lately too, so why you outside my house?’ She shrugged, looking around for someone perhaps. Not that it bothered who she was looking for. ‘Oh, um… I came here for the room…?’ Zoe mumbled the girl’s dark eyes filled with joy and pulled Zoe by the arm, leading her into the house. It was like a dream house on the inside, a little dark and spooky, but then there was a little light too. There were black leather fluffy sofa, at least four of them, a 51” plasma flat screen TV, and a brown fluffy rug- not to mention the dark brown oak wood floor. It looked new, as if it’s been polished. The members of this house must like reading a lot, it was like a library. Zoe just couldn’t help but just wonder around the living room. She was speechless, but the scent of the house smelt a little odd. Onions garlic and wait… she smelt smoke. ‘Jack, I know you’re here! Get down here now, we have a living one!’ She yelled at the top of her voice, which made Zoe jump out of her skin, and her bag flumped down to the floor. The girl turned around and picked the bag up for her, throwing it on the side.

‘What? Can’t you tell I’m busy?’ A guy came walking down the stairs; he looked like he had just been asleep. Topless, showing his gorgeous six pack, and amazing tan, and a pair of baggy bottoms, and he walked to the couch and let himself fall on there. Clearly he had been busy sleeping. That’s the only thing guys were good at these days.

‘Who’s the chick?’ He mumbled into the pillow. He didn’t sound very impressed either, which hurt Zoe a little bit. They seemed older than her, about eighteen? Zoe was sixteen, nearly seventeen (which she wanted to be referred as because she wasn’t at all the slightest nearly seventeen). ‘This is-’ ‘Um… Zoe…’ She muttered.

‘Oh yeah- I’m Rachel! I forgot to say, dammit!’ No wonder why people would want to share a house with these… freaks. They’re lazy. Zoe knew she had no room to call them freaks; she was one of them herself.

‘Okay…’ ‘I’ll go grab an Ice-pack!’ Rachel, the girl beamed and ran into the kitchen. The entire sudden, there was an awkward silence that made its way through the air. Jack who was sprawled across the sofa, he decided to sit himself up, but he didn’t make that much difference.

‘What you doin’ sitting there? Dude sheesh, sit down at least, we’re not giving you a formal invitation.’ Zoe jumped a little and went to sit down, which made it even more awkward. She couldn’t help but wonder why he was in a mood.

‘Wow that’s a badass shiner, who was the chick that hit you?’ He laughed. Zoe wondered whether he had sympathy. And she didn’t know whether to be proud, or insulted.

‘Nobody- I fell- wait how did you know it was-’ ‘A chick easy? If a guy punched you that hard you would’ve ended up in hospital. So who hit you? You don’t look like you go out looking for trouble.’ He explained. So he was one of those jackass people. She thought he thought that he was the best at everything.

‘Um… Sasha… Sasha Morelle,’ she stammered. Jack’s eyes immediately transformed from tease to cold. So he knew her. From that response Jack went into the same direction as Rachel did. Well, Sasha was the mayor’s daughter of Pleasantview. Maybe she had been in meetings at the square or something where every citizen had to be. A few seconds later Rachel came out and handed her the ice pack. Zoe placed it on her eye, and it felt good. Safe, how it numbed the pain. ‘


‘Anytime, hey do you want anything else? Tacos? Coke?’ She suggested. She didn’t want to be rude but she instantly felt hungry. ‘Tacos.’ And surprisingly she said.

'Coke.’ Rachel stood up and went into the kitchen. A sudden rush of guilt came over her; she didn’t know what to return. Rachel then came out a few seconds later with a plate with tacos and a can of coke, placing it on the coffee table and pulling it towards Zoe for her to eat.

‘Be warned, you never know what Jack puts in there. He makes this stuff all the time so it’s pretty much what we have.’ Rachel shrugged.

‘I HEARD THAT!’ He yelled from the kitchen, she suspected. And he walked out and into the living room, glancing at Zoe who already devoured 2 tacos already.

‘At least I didn’t put in the flame sauce, so don’t bitch if you get flamed.’ He sat back down and switched on the TV. Rachel shot him the finger and looked back at Zoe.

‘Go ahead and eat your free to use the shower, to get cleaned… up. And afterwards you can rest, and then David would probably be up. Talk to him, I doubt he’d give you the room seeing as your underage. So yeah, I’m off to work until six. Jack, be nice.’ She smiled at Zoe but glared at Jack, who waved his arms in surrender. As Zoe finished the last Taco, she laid her eyes on the screen ahead of her.

‘You should probably shower, Jack takes ages.’ Rachel suggested. ‘Hey, well lucky for you, I won’t be back until late- going out with Laura.’ He shot back. ‘Another really, where’d you pick her up?’ Rachel groaned.

‘Check the video,’ Jack walked to the stairs and pretty much slowly made his way to his room. Rachel rolled her racoon eyes, with the expression that she didn’t care, and turned to Zoe again.

‘Yeah ignore that douche. You gotta tell them whose boss around here; it’ll be fun to have a girl roommate for once. Shower, change and go to bed hold on! I’ll show you the room!’ She beamed again, and pulled Zoe up the stairs as if she was eager to show her the rooms. ‘Hey is it okay I shower after I have a lay down? Not to be a pain in the arse or anything…’ Zoe asked before she could direct her where the rooms are. She wasn’t really expecting much for her room.

‘Okay, the one on the end is David’s and the other door is his too, he has a bathroom in his room, the one next to it is mine, the third door is Jack’s room, the fourth is the main bathroom, the last door is your door, which is at the end of the hall. She walked her to the room and opened it for Zoe. Maybe she was wrong about the room being expectedly small, but really it was three times the size of her dorm room. And a real bed, king-sized with golden silk like quilts and numerous pillows to make it stand out, cream walls not to mention a crème coloured carpet, brown oak wardrobe. Two arm chairs and wait.

‘…Is that a TV?’ She said out loud, so surprised as if she hasn’t seen one in ages. Rachel laughed a lot.

‘Yeah but its cable, so you’re gonna have to plug it in. And we have internet, and you’re going to be careful with what you send people and stuff, Pleasentview’s internet is monitored, because you know the vampires.’ She explained, mimicking fangs with her fingers and afterwards she shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t really care what the vampires thought about the messaging. Is she serious? She didn’t seem to have a laughing face on. It was dead serious.

‘What? You’re joking, there’s no such thing as vampires.’ The only reason Zoe didn’t believe it is because she wasn’t crazy, or stupid. Rachel looked at her, as if Zoe was joking around. ‘You don’t know?’ Rachel’s eyes widened in surprised as Zoe made her way to the bed and got herself comfy. Rachel walked over and bent down so she can make eye-contact with Zoe. ‘Pleasantview is full of vampires. How many people are in MRA?’ Rachel asked, as if she was never a student there.

‘Well It’s a crappy college, everyone transfers or-’ ‘Everyone leaves. There’s hardly anyone around during the day either isn’t there? Because it’s always alive at night, Face it, it’s filled with bloodsuckers.’ Rachel explained, Right no wonder why people don’t rent rooms with these people, there nuts!

'Call it a bed time story.’ She got up and walked out of the room. She was left alone; it was silent until she heard the front door shut. She felt instantly tired, she closed her eyes and didn’t think about anything. No vampires, no Sasha. Nothing, and just slept through the birds tweeting happily outside until night hit.

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