Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


6. messed up night

‘I want to look. And see what’s going on, but I can’t right? Because, I’d probably scream at them or kick them in the nuts- because… well, I’ve had enough of this town.’ Rachel sobbed silently to herself, Zoe glanced down at her, which was expected, and she sat down with Rachel on the bed, trying to sooth her with calming words.

         ‘Probably not a good idea, but don’t worry- I think it’s-’ Zoe paused as she heard the door knock, and went towards it. She pressed her body against it.

‘Who is it?’ She asked, looking back at Rachel, who was all curled up in a ball, with her panda eyes ruining her perfectly done pale make-up. There was a two minute silence until the outside spoke to her.

      ‘Jack.’ It whispered back. Zoe tiptoed up towards the lock and unlocked it so Jack could come in. She swung the door open, seeing Jack with his head down.

          ‘What did you do? We heard… mostly some yelling between you and-’ ‘He wants you both downstairs.’ He interrupted, with his head still down. Zoe looked surprised, trying to find his eyes; he refused to look back up at her.

      ‘Now,’ He ordered. Zoe looked alarmed, and immediately followed along with Jack, and Rachel scampered back up to her feet, and walked across the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs. Zoe was second to reach the stairs, and she spun back around to see Rachel.

        ‘Why are you standing there?’ She wondered, feeling guilty. Rachel sat down and more tears came down her face.

             ‘I don’t think I want to see Dave right now.’ Rachel sounded stiff, shaken and well torn. Zoe faked half a smile, and walked to the hall way where Jack was standing, as well as Dave. They were looking at each other, but they weren’t looking at each other.

      ‘So are you going to tell me what you did?-’ ‘He made a deal with the craziest vampire in the world.’ Dave interrupted her, with anger. It worried her, a lot. There was more awkward silence; Zoe glanced at the wall clock seeing it was turning half past one in the morning. She then looked at Dave, then to Jack. ‘Should I go get the tacos? I mean… we haven’ really ate at all.’ She suggested. Dave nodded, following her to the kitchen, closing the door whilst folding his arms.

       ‘You know what Jack did right?’ he asked. Zoe tried to dodge that question, but couldn’t. ‘No. I didn’t. All I know is it’s something bad right? And I should talk to him about it.’ She muttered, worryingly. Dave glanced down at her, trying to figure her out. Okay, in reality Jack and Dave were both hot. It was sick how she thought that, but hell there wasn’t really much decent guys around. And there is no way she wouldn’t go out with the vampire freaks in this town. She wouldn’t dare to go near them on her own.

       ‘Jack made a deal with Ethan, which is the most stupid thing to do. He traded doing sessions with Ethan to get him to leave you alone for a certain amount of time.’ Zoe paused with the Tacos on the tray, feeling utterly stupid. She felt guilty. She didn’t want Jack to go through so much for her. Zoe gulped slowly; placing the taco’s down and turned to face Dave. ‘Is there any way to stop it?’ She asked, shaking. Dave looked blank. She took that as a no. Zoe decided to pick up the tray and walked out the room, ignoring Dave, it didn’t really work. He caught her wrist just in time so she couldn’t open the door.

         ‘What? There’s nothing really much to do, until the morning anyways, so let’s-’ ‘You’re not bothered about Jack risking his life to save yours?’ He demanded an answer, which made her shiver, but she wasn’t cold. She gulped slowly, she wanted to say “Yeah, I’m not bothered, can we eat now?”, but in reality she felt helpless and surrendered to Dave.

      ‘I am bothered by it Dave! Is that what you want to hear? Can we please just go and eat food?’ She could see that Dave gave up on her, but hopefully not fully gave up on her. They stared at each other, and then back at the door, which Zoe was going to open until he stopped her. This time Dave opened it up for her. And gave her the look that meant Don’t-you-dare-tell-them-about-this-argument, and she completely ignored him. When Zoe was half way through her second taco, she looked up at the boys who already devoured four of them, and Rachel who was still nibbling away on her first taco, she sighed and felt full.

        ‘You guys still know were in trouble, right?’ Dave remembered as he finished, she knew they were still in trouble; she was just trying to find a way to get her mind of that subject for a while. When Dave brought that up she pretended that she wasn’t bothered by it and made her way through the taco.

     ‘I know what the vamps really want.’ Jack said, as if he was proud himself after he wiped himself with the tissue, as if he never actually cleaned before. Dave looked surprised, and Rachel stopped eating and focused on Jack, she seemed like she knew something too.

        ‘They want a book, crazy I know-’ ‘It’s not just any book Jack, it’s the book of rules- the founder of Pleasantview, made them, she lost it during this war thing. Z would probably know what war, the legend is that he book of rules is special, powerful. And the problem is, the vamps can’t read it, and besides how the hell are we going to find a black leathered book with a skull graved in to the front cover?’ Surprisingly, Rachel explained, laughing at the end. Dave looked at Zoe, then Zoe looked at Jack, who then looked back at Rachel. All of them looked back at Rachel. They named her the “queen of skulls”, because everything she owned had skulls on it or it had something to do with hell. Rachel was eating quietly away at her taco for a few minutes until she realized they were looking at her. ‘Oh come on! You think just because I wear skulls would mean I would know where to find the book?’ She exclaimed, sarcastically. Zoe looked at Jack, who looked back at her, smiling, but trying not to laugh. ‘Yep, pretty much.’ Dave said… smiling. This was the first time they’ve had a normal conversation at dinner, despite the fact it was now two in the morning. Well, Zoe didn’t call it exactly normal; it was still about vampires and ending the world kind of thing. ‘Dorks, But my suggestion is we go to the library, there are heaps of old books there,’ Rachel looked at Zoe, obviously telling her that she should do it because the boys were utterly stupid for looking at this kind of stuff. She was right. Once Zoe and Jack went to the library to get a few study books, he was so focused on comics that day, and didn’t even bother help looking for physiology book six. ‘What about Dave? He seems-’ ‘I’m job hunting.’ He interrupted, laughing, giving a high-five to Jack. Zoe smiled, because she knew that Jack thought he would’ve got away with it too. ‘You’re being my escort remember, the whole reason why Ethan was there because Sasha probably sent him here, and you never know, Gloria or Kim maybe there.’ Zoe pointed out, Rachel couldn’t go anyway, and she needed to get money. Dave chuckled, a good one at that too. ‘Buzz kills…’ Jack muttered, pressing his forehead on Zoe’s. Rachel looked at both of them, as if she didn’t know about those two, well she knew about the kiss of course. But she didn’t think they would get together. Zoe gave him a goofy smile, which made Jack tempt to stroke her face playfully. ‘Dude, keep the icky love stuff of the table, you don’t see me and Rachel doing that stuff.’ Dave closed his eyes tight, putting his hand out to block the view of those two kissing, making gagging noises, along Rachel. Zoe yawned, resting her head on Jack’s lap. ‘Imma hit the hay, see you guys,’ She picked herself of the seat and decided to crawl up the stairs to the bedroom, and throw herself on the bed, getting into the covers and slowly dozing off, waiting for the witching hour to make its way through the night.

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