Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


3. Everything is fine now... hopefully.


Zoe woke up all the sudden and realized it was pitch black outside, and how tired she was. She slowly got up and sat on the side of the bed for a little bit, letting the ice-pack which is now water fall helplessly on to the floor. She heard music, guitar music. It sounded beautiful, so she stumbled out of the bed and made her way to the door. She paused for a minute and grabbed hold of the door knob and twisted it, making sure it didn’t creak. She crept down to the sixth step of the stairs and listened to the music. Hold on a secondthis is live. She crept down the stairs a little more seeing another roommate playing the guitar. Zoe coughed surprisingly and stumbled down the stairs which made it creak. And all the sudden the music stopped.

            ‘You’re up. Zoe, come and take a seat.’ He said, with a hint of seriousness in his tone, and he then placed his guitar neatly next to him so it can balance. She walked towards him and sat down.

            ‘Your underage, this is going to be quick.’ He scratched his blonde curly hair and his crystal blue eyes turned into something cold.

            ‘But- I’m nearly seventeen- and I’m an advanced student, here… here’s my student ID…’ She struggled to put it in words, but he didn’t even bother looking at it. His jaw was tightening. As if he was afraid of something.

            ‘I don’t care who you are, or who you work with, or who’s giving you shit. Your underage and all of us are eighteen.’

            ‘Rachel’s only a little older than I am!’                                                                          

            ‘That’s different, she’s eighteen. You’re not even seventeen, you’re what, sixteen? Fourteen?’ He suggested. Zoe looked offended, was she seriously that small?

            ‘I… I’ll pay. I really need to stay here David People are out to get me in the dorms,’ She pulled out five hundred pounds which was in an envelope and placed it on the coffee table. You could see David’s jaw was tightening and underneath the table he was clenching his fists.

            ‘One month, until you find a place to live then you’re out. Deal?’ He explained, without hesitating. Zoe nodded slowly and gulped.

            ‘Oh and I’m not a partier, I cook and bake, and I study, I’ll go to classes-’

            ‘What stuff do you cook?’ He interrupted before Zoe could say thank you. She thought about it for a moment and scratched her head.

            ‘Um… Lasagne, cake and roast, that stuff.’ She shrugged; David seemed pleased at that she could cook.

            ‘Can you make Lasagne tomorrow? All Jack ever cooks is Tacos.’ He asked politely, and he said ‘Sorry.’

Zoe blinked in surprise, as if she wasn’t expecting an apology, considering she knew what he was trying to do and all. But at the same time she smiled at him, or at least tried to, the scab on her lip broke again.

            ‘There’s no need to apologize, you were trying to protect yourself, and your friends, that’s what you’re meant to do right?’ She smiled, his cold eyes became crystalized again, and he smiled. As soon as it hit two in the morning on the clock, he turned worried again.

            ‘How about you get some rest again, Z? Oh! And also welcome to the Cross house- but only temporarily.’  He saluted at her and smiled.  Zoe went back up to her room and flew herself on the bed happily, all full of light and went back to sleep again.


As it hit dawn, it was six in the morning; she got out of bed and realized what she was wearing. Oh god, boys live here too!  And ran to the bathroom and stripped her clothes and got into the shower, as she finished cleaning herself she put her towel on and put her yesterday’s clothes on. As she looked back at the alarm clock on the bedside table it was quarter two seven. And she smelt… eggs and bacon. So she walked down stairs hearing the two house members arguing from whether to put milk in the scrambled eggs or leave it. She smiled and went into the kitchen seeing them already up.

            ‘So take it Dave didn’t ship you out?’ Jack shrugged, keeping his eye on the bacon, Rachel just stared at them, not looking at the eggs and still frying them.

            ‘No, how’d you guess?’

            ‘Because you would’ve been gone by now, and hey did you get the note Dave put?’ Jack was talking to Rachel. He pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper and gave it to Rachel. Note? Zoe came over and read over them, it was explaining how she was underage and stuff. And how she is only staying there till the end of the month until she finds a place to stay, due to the fact she was getting bullied.  He called her a kid? She didn’t know whether to be insulted.

            ‘I’m not a kid!’ She exclaimed, Jack laughed. A good one at that too.

            ‘Well at least you won’t hear how much sex I haven’t got in a while-’

            ‘I’m telling Dave!’ Rachel warned him.

            ‘About how much sex I didn’t get, go ahead.’ He shrugged, Zoe couldn’t help but grin.

            ‘Oh yeah Rach I forgot to say, no milk in eggs!’ She smiled, Zoe did it on purpose, and she wanted to see the reaction of what’ll happen. She got it, and laughed.

            ‘Traitor…’ Rachel sighed at the eggs, and then looked at the crispy bacon ahead of her.

            ‘Prisoner exchange?’

Rachel and Jack glared at each other, and swapped sauce pans.  Out of the blue the door banged. Rachel and Jack froze for a moment and looked at Zoe, who was confused.

            ‘Get Z the hell out of here. Now.’ He gritted his teeth, Rachel grabbed Zoe by the arm and put her in the closest spare room, frankly there was a flash light so she could see if any sign of zombies or anything pops out in front of her. And then listened through the tiniest gap, but it was easy to listen.

            ‘…I’m detective Hess, this is detective Cole, there was a girl, Zoe Clarke who went missing from her dorm last night, seen her?’ A male’s voice sounded serious, and determined to find where Zoe was. Zoe could tell the two of the roommates were nervous and worried, no one said anything for a while.

            ‘Ah no sir, sorry, we’ll keep an eye out for you though.’ Jack said normally, he didn’t seem to struggle.

            ‘You there, Rachel Jones, employed?’ another voice came out of nowhere which clearly made Rachel jump.

            ‘Yes sir, I work in the coffee shop- I need to go now actually…’ Rachel pointed out, worryingly as if she was afraid of getting fired.

            ‘You, Jack Wood right? Employed?’

Jack had to think about that for a moment.

            ‘No sir, still searching.’

‘Well find a job fast, you know we don’t like slackers in Pleasantview, you’ll have to deal with the boss if you know what I mean. Well, we must be off. Don’t want Rick giving us the sack.’ The first detective filled with joy, not much though.

            ‘Good day.’ The second one sounded normal, but something wasn’t right about him. He seemed… cold.  That thought made Zoe’s spine crawl.

            ‘Get your third in here, Dave right? Dave cross? I haven’t seen him in a while, do you think he’s one of us? Last time I saw him he was at a gig and he just completely vanished without saying “thank you and good night” So, is he around?’ The second detective asked, out of the blue and seriously.  Zoe’s golden brown eyes turned from calm to shock horror, three plates! He knew something was up she gulped slowly, and just then Jack had to say-

            ‘Oh I would if I could but he isn’t here just yet- He’s out.’

Zoe switched on the flash light by accident and covered it with her hand, letting out a beam of light so that she can only see.

            ‘…Okay well good luck job hunting, and we’ll meet again soon.’ That is what was said after the second detective.

The second detective didn’t seem like a very happy person compared to the other one. He really did sound serious and grumpy. Then she heard the front door close, waited five minutes and Rachel opened the door for Zoe.

            ‘Okay what the hell did you do? The cops are even looking for you!’ Jack yelled at her, he was seriously annoyed. Zoe suddenly got mad at him.

            ‘I didn’t do anything! I swear! I- it was Sasha… wait, Sasha sent them! She wants me back at the dorm so she can really kill me this time!’ Zoe shot back; her face was red, fists clenched hard. Rachel was just stood there, jaw open.

            ‘Sasha, Sasha who?’ Was all Rachel could think of, Jack looked up at Rachel, and then laughed. An evil, cold laugh.

            ‘She didn’t tell you who hit her? Well it was Sasha Morelle, you remember her right?’ He gritted his teeth together and stormed of upstairs, Rachel ran after him, but paused at the stairs as his bedroom door slammed shut. And she gave up.

            ‘So… did Sasha-’

            ‘No way! Jack would never touch that skank in a million years! Jack… he… he had a sister… she would be about your age now if she was alive… but Sasha set his family’s house on fire, and himself and his dad got out alive, his sister and mother didn’t quite so make it… And well Jack’s dad hasn’t really contacted him at all.’ Rachel explained, nearly in tears, so was Zoe, but they both held back the tears.

Zoe honestly had no idea how much Jack had been through, and how mean she had been to him first.

She gulped slowly and put back her brown straight hair.

            ‘Well I’m off to work, hey! Want to come with me? You’d be bored here alone; Jack won’t come out for a while yet.’ She suggested suddenly full of joy. Zoe looked up at Rachel and smiled, nodding.

As they made their way outside, Rachel stopped by the car with Zoe next to her.

            ‘You have to say Shotgun.’ Rachel pointed out. Zoe looked confused.

            ‘What?’ She shrugged, with just as much blank expression anyone could get.

            ‘Shotgun, you have to say it if you want the front seat. If Jack was here, he would’ve said it right now and you’ll be in the back.’

Zoe even felt stupid saying it.

            ‘Okay um… Shotgun?’

            ‘You need some work on that,’ Rachel shrugged and got into the driver’s seat while Zoe took the one next to her. There’s hardly anyone about in the day, youll be lucky to at least see one person out in the streets. Zoe glanced out the window seeing it deserted again, maybe she was the one who was stupid and Rachel was the one who was smart for once. No, she shook her head to get that thought out of her head. There’s no way that’s ever going to happen. Vampires don’t exist.

            ‘Welcome to Pleasentview’s coffee shop! The most descent place you can get here in hell!’ Rachel smiled, getting out of the car first, and then Zoe did. She looked around the place just to see someone living in the town, there wasn’t really anyone about besides at least thirteen college students in the coffee place.

            ‘Oh yeah you really need to meet my boss! His name is James, and you’d love him!’ Rachel beamed in delight.

            Zoe smiled at her again, feeling utterly speechless and stupid she just followed Rachel, looking around to see if Sasha was anywhere to be seen.

            ‘Don’t worry about Sasha, James has this way with people; he doesn’t tolerate people giving crap. It’s crap free basically.’ She laughed at the final bit of the sentence “Crap free”, Zoe did find it funny, but she didn’t laugh at all, well at least tried not to laugh.

            ‘Yo James! Here for work, sorry I’m late, I had the cops round for something…’ She explained as she walked in with Zoe. James was a tall, slim muscular guy with dark mysterious eyes, brown normal flat hair and pale as snow.

            ‘That’s fine; at least you’re on my good list.  Ah you must be Zoe, well Rachel’s told me all about you of course, and I heard you were getting bullied in the dorm rooms, is there anything I can do?’ He flashed a smile, and she looked up at him back. What do I say? Everything’s fine now, I’m living with Rachel for the moment until I find a place to stay, no she couldn’t say that. Hell he probably even knew she was staying there.

            ‘Uh no, but I have Rachel and a few other’s to look out for me, thanks for trying to help out though.’ Zoe smiled, trying not to be rude. James looked at her.

            ‘I’m going to get my work stuff on, I’ll be back in five, James, there’s customers you know.’ She pointed out, and he shot the finger.


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