Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


8. Some more Shopping

"What the hell was that Ishika?" Rohan stormed into my room, full of anger.

I got a little scared seeing his angry face, already knowing that what I had done was silly. And he had all the right to demand an answer.

"But Rohan, why did u refuse to come with me. You know naa I cant take Mom-Dad for the shopping. Who else would I go with?"

"We could have talked it out Ishika. Was that a way to react?" His voice raising with every word he said.

I tried to make a puppy dog face and said "I know I should'nt have done that. I'm sorrryyy." 

"Does that even justify what you did? I was looking like a bloody mad man running after the ric." He banged his fist on the wall. 

My heart starting pumping like crazy. "Roh.. Rohan please try to understand.. I.. I.."

"What's the problem kids? Rohan, why are u so angry beta?" We both snapped our heads in the direction of the door, where my Mom was just enetering the room, with her face looking worried.

"Ishika.. what happened baby? Why is Rohan shouting on you? What did you do now?" 

I didnt know what to answer and besides, I knew Mom would yell more than Rohan when she'll know what I had just done. 

"Oh nothing much aunty. Ermm.. We're just practising for the.. college play." I snapped my head up when he said this. Did I hear it right? Maybe yes, because I saw Mom's face relax, and smiling at Rohan. 

"Oh college play. When is it? Ishika, you didnt tell me anything about it." Mom said looking at me. Now how was I supposed to answer that? I was searching a place to hide my face into. 

"Ermm. Next week aunty.. its next week" Woow.. why to worry when you have such a lovely friend as your saviour. :D

"And here I was worried that you both are fighting. I thought again Ishika must have done something silly. We all know how kiddish she gets at times!" Mom said, pulling my cheeks playfully.

I gave a forced smile to her, after which, she got up to leave. "I'm making sandwiches for both of you. Come down after some time. ok?"

Mom went and I rushed towards him, wrapping him in a hug, smiling from ear to ear, "Thank God! You saved my life buddy! I knew it. I just knew it! You cant be angry with me for long! You're such a sweetheart!"

He held my shoulders and moved away from me, "That was just for your Mom."

I put both my hands on my ears, "Achhaa Sorryy yaar. OK. I know I'm kiddish! And I cant help that."

He shot me a look, "Thats a good way to apologise!"

I immediately corrected myself, "Ok. I'll change that. I know I'm kiddish! And I'll try to improve that. Better now?"

"Nopes. Still not convinced." He said.

"What else then? Errmmm.. Ok. I'll buy you a nice gift. Great choice, isnt it?" I asked excitedly.

"Are you trying to bribe me?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Sort of!" I shrugged.

He thought for a minute, then said, "Nopes! Not this time. Add something else."

I knew he's playing with me now, so I purposely added with a sad face, "OK then, what else can I do. I'll go and tell Mom that Rohan is angry with me. And he isn't even waiting for the sandwiches."

I started walking past him, he came back running after me to the door, blocking my way. "Hey, wait wait wait! The fight was between you and me naa. Why are dragging the innocent sandwiches in this." Hahaha.. this had to work. I knew my bestie could give up everything, but not his cravings for delicacies!

I still teased him more, "Its Okk Rohan. I completely understand. You're angry with me naa, so you wont be comfortable eating at my place." I pulled his nose and went running towards the kitchen.

"Hey wait!" He came running after me. And everything returned back to normal.


Next day, me, Rohan and Niki didi went for the remaining shopping (of course Rohan had to come with me ;) ). 

We went to our regular market to buy dresses. Since it was a family function, I was wanting to wear a traditional Indian Anarkali dress. (My Dad loves it when I wear Indian dresses)

 I tried some dresses in some shops but didnt like any. Rohan pointed a shop across the street, "Hey lets check out that shop. Looks nice." 

We followed him there. I opened the shop's door and immediately made out why Rohan wanted to come here. 

Tucking the corner of his sleeve, I pulled him near and whispered, "We've come here for my shopping, and not yours."

 "Who said I wanted to shop. You do your shopping, I'll do my window shopping." he winked.

I rolled my eyes at him. 

"Hey, this one's nice" Nikki Di showed  me some dresses. I randomly took one and put it on myself, looking at the mirror. 

"Looks nice to me. Hows it Roh.." I caught him doing a thumbs up through the mirror, Nopes not to me, to the two pretty girls, who were also trying their dresses, and following whom Rohan got us to this shop. I again rolled my eyes at him . Boys will be Boys :/

Me and Nikki Di mutually decided upon a red and black full-sleeved net Anarkali dress and got it packed. I went to the counter and made the payment. 

"Hey what did you buy? Didn't even show me!" Rohan came running to us, with a frown on his face.

Nikki Di messed his hair, "You were busy somewhere else, baby bro!"

"Stop it Di.. Ishu.. Show me the dress at least."

I got yet another chance to tease him, "you were here to help me with the shopping and not them. Now pay for it :P"  

Rohan: "Whatever. I'll see it in the party :P"

Nikki : "Hey Rohan, did you talk to the caterer?"

Rohan : "Yaa Di.. thats done and I've also talked to the decorator. "

Me : "Great. So everything's almost set. Hope Mom-Dad like the surprise party."

Nikki : "They will darling."


It was break-time when we reached college. We decided to go straight to the canteen.

My friends and Rohan's group had become good friends by now. We found all of them sitting together in the canteen.

"Hii guys" Me and Rohan said to the group.  I saw that two adjacent seats were empty between Karan and Sachin. I ignored what my heart was saying at the moment and took the seat besides Karan. I noticed Pooja giving me glares, and smiled within. Rohan came and took the seat besides me.

Ashish : Hii.. where were you both? 

Me : I just wanted to do a little shopping.. so we went for that.

Soham : Shopping? At college time? Are you both nuts?

Me: Actually its Mom-Dad's anniversary next week. And I'm planning to give them a surprise party. 

Karan : Woow party.. great!

Me : Yaa.. And all of you have to come. Venue, I'll let you know when its finalized.

All : Yaa sure. We'll definitely come. 

Diya : Too much Ishika.. you take Rohan for shopping also!"

Me : Yaa.. cant help it you know! (Smiling at Rohan) His choice is Awsumm ;)

Rohan : (Letting out a smile) Yeah So awsum, I wasnt even shown what is bought 

Sachin : And here we thought, that the star couple has eloped somewhere.

I frowned at him and said : We're not a couple. You know that.

Pooja (with twinkling eyes) : Oh so you both like each other.

Me : No yaar, nothing like that. And Sachin, Stop spreading rumors :/

Sachin : Yeahh Yeahh, we know :P !

I rolled my eyes at him. Its irritating that when you like someone, they only pair you with someone else. Idiot!


Hellozz.. I guess this was a big enough update. How was it people. Do comment, and if you like Vote too ;)

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