Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


11. Party

Ishika's POV:

Mom-Dad were overwhelmed by the surprise when we arrived at the venue. They said they expected it to be a small party of just a few close relatives and friends, or something like that but nothing so huge.

Dad said "My little princess has done all this? Unbelievable! Proud of you baby" That was the happiest moment of my life.

They got busy chit-chatting with some relatives so me, Rohan and Nikki Di got busy among ourselves.

"Hey Di look! Rohan got these earrings for me. They're cute na" She affectionately looked at Rohan when I proudly showed off my gift to her "Hmm.. Impressive kiddo." She said, patting his back "But you never get anything for me" She faked a frown.

He made an adorable guilty face when she said this "Di.. I.. "

"Yeah yeah let it be! Huh" She cut him.

I was enjoying where this was going, sitting there like an amused audience.

She had literally made him red with embarresment "Stop pulling my leg yaar" He complained.

"Aww.." she said pulling his cheeks playfully.

He gave a lovely genuiene smile to that. Awww... I wish I also had at least one sibling. It would be so much fun. Being a single child is boring at times.

I saw Rohan looking over my shoulder,waving at someone. I turned my head and saw all my friends entering. A big smile crept on my face when I saw them coming, my eyes soon glued to Sachin's. He was wearing Red shirt and black jeans, the same color combination of my dress. That dosent even mean anything but still, made me happy somehow.

"Hey Ishika, looking pretty" Karan complimented me. I gave a huge smile, immediately looking at Pooja, who wasnt returning it back.

"Thank you so much. Welcome to the party"

Ashish admired the surroundings, smiling at me. "This is looking like a great party"

"Its nice that you did so much for your parents. Thats really nice." I was happily surprised who I got that compliment from! Diya! Yes Diya!

"I really appreciate that. Thank you so much." I liked how she appreciated my efforts, considering we've never got along that well from the start. I raised my eyebrows suggestively towards Rohan, but that dumbo again rolled his eyes. Silly boy!

I noticed Sachin was staring at me all this while. He fumbled a bit when I caught his eyes "Sorry. I didnt mean to stare, but someone's looking super-gorgeous today. I cant help it really. " He said with a cocky smile, still maintaining the eye-contact between us.

I blushed looking away, not knowing what to say. Plus, my voice got stuck up in my throat whenever I talked to him. I'm generally cool talking with guys, but this guy somehow always made me so conscious about myself.

"Rohan has a great choice, by the way" I snapped my head towards him, not fully sure what he just said. "What?"

"Ermm.. I mean your dress. He helped you with the shopping right!" He said and excused himself towards Diya and Pooja, leaving me confused as to what he meant. Did he really mean the dress or was it something else? 
Wait. Where's Rohan in the first place? I scanned the room and found him sitting on a table, all by himself. I didnt even realize when he excused himself. And what the hell was he doing sitting there alone! Dumbo!

I walked towards him, but felt someone holding on my hand.

"This isnt working Ishika" Karan complained, looking at Pooja was standing some meters away with Sachin and Diya.

"Patience Romeo, Patience. Its been just a week since we've started our 'mission Pooja'. Gimme some time yaar" I said.

"Okk Sorryy" He sighed, then continued , "But I still dont understand how this is gonna work!"

Ashish : "Exactly! Ishika, dont you think this way, Pooja will think there's something between you and Karan?"

Soham : "Yeahh.. Even I think this is gonna backfire!"

Me : "Stop scaring him guys! And dont worry Karan. Its already working!"

Karan : "How?"

Me : "Listen, you've always been that lovey-dovey guy around her, right! You never even look at any other girl! And whenever a guy plays sooo lovey-dovey around a girl, she has this confidence that whatever she does, you're always gonna be there for her. And that's why she was playing Hard to Get. You know, girls love being chased after! *wink* But now that she's seeing ME most of the times with you, things are different in her view."

Ashish : "So you mean, that's why you are playing more close to him in front of Pooja so that she gets jealous?"

Me(Grinning) : "Exactly! I did that to make her realize how much Karan means to her, to bring out her inner feelings. That was just a try but I guess we're already succeeding in that! And more than jealous, she's now scared of losing him. Its quite visible, isnt it?"

A big smile found its way on Karan's face, "Yeah! Never thought about this angle yaar."

I gave him a light smack on his head, "Now you understand Romeo?"

"Completely! So what do we do next?" 
"I guess we've done enough of the teasing now. So you just go and ask her for a dance. And try to show her how special she's for you. Ok?" I said.

"Ok. But what if she refuses this time too?" He asked, looking worried. I really adored the way how much this guy actually loved her. Lucky Pooja!

I put my hand on his shoulder "Look, I cant promise anything. But if she really loves you, she will accept it. But you have to be ready either way."

I turned to point towards Pooja but what I saw, made me frown. She was already on the dance floor, moving merrily with Sachin.

Pooja's POV:

What the hell is wrong with Karan? First he proposes me, tells me that I'm the only girl he loves and now, since Ishika has joined our group he's always roaming with her. Yaa I initially refused to him saying I want to give some time to relation to see where it leads, but that dosent mean he has to roam with other girls. I wish, I had accepted my feelings then itself! *Sigh* Seeing him with another girl is killing me!

Although Ishika is a great girl, and I love the positive vibes she carries along, seeing her with Karan makes me want to hate her.

"Hey what are thinking so much?" Sachin disturbed my thought process.

"About Ishika." I said mindlessly while looking at Ishika and Karan. They both were staring straight back at us.

He chuckled a bit "She's such a silly girl. Not even seeing how much Rohan loves her."

I stopped suddenly and looked straight towards Sachin, finding it difficult to digest this new piece of information "Really? Rohan? He told you this?"

" Not really. But I can clearly see that in his eyes" I followed his eyes to where Rohan was sitting, alone. I suddenly felt sad for him.

I thought for a while about this "And that girl is getting confused between you and Karan!"

Now he stopped for a moment "Me? and Karan?"

I nodded looking towards Ishika and Karan "I've noticed that off late."

He too looked over to them "I hope not!"

Hmmm confessions confessions everywhere.

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