Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


4. New Life

The lectures went smoothly and soon it was break time. Putting my books back in my bag I asked my new friends (Friends?? Really? But they're so weird.. anyways), "Hey! I've marked whichever chapters were done in the class before I joined, but still give me your numbers so I can call you if I need help. "

They shared a look as if I had asked for their lives, "Number... err.. sorry.. err.. actually we dont give our phone numbers to new people. You know.... its not safe!  i hope you understand"

 This has to be unreal. How can someone be soo reserved? As if I was going to cause them any harm. I was right! These girls are so weird.

 I just shrugged it off  "Ok whatever. I am going to the canteen"

Meera : "Ermm.. Can we come with you? I mean, if you dont mind?"

I raised an eyebrow at them. Just now they put me out of their known people's list and now they wanna join me! "I'm sorry.. I thought you dont share your lunch time with "new people"!"

Sandhya's eyes glowed with excitement, "Actually.. we thought of meeting your friend.. with whom you were standing outside today morning."

Sanjana squealled "He's such a hottie yaar"

"How do you know him?"

"Is he your boyfriend or just a friend?"

"We wanted to meet him since a long time.. "

Blahh.. blahh.. they went on and on..

Hmm.. so this is the catch. These girls dont wanna befriend me, they just wanna use me as a ladder to reach my friend. Not happening :/. 
They are anyways not of Rohan's types.

I cant stay with them for long. I need to change my group ASAP.


Rohan started laughing hysterically when I narrated the whole incident to him. "My God! you should have got them here Ishika. It would have been so much fun. hehe"

I too joined the laughter "Yaa sure.. It would definitely have been a sight to watch!"

"Hey whats the joke about? Share it guys." I looked in the direction of the voice, it was Sachin, taking the seat opposite to mine.

With him was a girl who seated herself on the next chair.
My God! She was so gorgeous. Perfect height, perfect figure, long flowing hair, pitch black eyes. Elegant and classy.

"Hey Ishika, she's Diya, my cousin." Sachin introduced us to each other. She was also in the same class as both of them.

When they werent looking, I grabbed Rohan's shirt from the arms to pull him closer and whispered in his ears, "She's so gorgeous yaar.. Isnt it"

He shrugged "What have we got to do with that." 
I rolled my eyes at him. How can he not be affected by the girl who even I could'nt take my eyes off.

"So what was the joke by the way" I briefed them about the incident in class. Sachin found it quite amusing but Diya did'nt.

She reacted as if it was the most obvious thing to happen. "I dont blame the girls. He definitely has the looks and personality to make girls drool over him." She said with a smile, eyes glued on Rohan's face.

'woooo.. so something's cooking in her mind' I chuckled thinking to myself.

Rohan ignored her comment and instead turned towards me, "How many lectures do you have now Ishika?"

I facepalmed inwardly. Dumbo Rohan. Diya was clearly giving him attention and he.. he didnt even look at her. Idiot. Wait.. Is he even normal.. well.. as of now.. I dont think so. Nonormal guy could have ignored Diya.

"2 more lectures are remaining." I said.

"Ok.. I'll be waiting for you near the playground after that." Rohan announced.

Sachin: "Are you not coming to the class?"

Rohan: "No.. I'm bunking. I'm going for cricket now."

I felt Diya's face fall a bit. She didnt say anything, and before even I could say, the bell rang and we had to rush towards our classes.


I found Rohan sitting on a bench near the playground after the lectures. I directly went and punched his arms.

"Ouchh.. What was that for yaar" he said rubbing his arm with the other hand.

"Dont even ask me that. Dumbo. what were you doing in the canteen?"

"What was I doing?"

I gave him a dirty look "Oh! So you dont know"

He didnt answer so I continuied, "Why were you ignoring Diya? I mean how could you yaar.. she's so pretty. And the way she was looking at you.. My God! I'm sure she has a thing for you. How could you not see it yaar."

He looked away from me, but I still continued, "You two will look soo good together. Just think about it. "

He shot a look at me "What do think.. I dont know it? I obviously know it. But.."

"But.. but what??"

He got up from the bench "But.. she's not my types" and started walking forward. I cant believe what he just said. Confirmed! He is NOT normal.

I put hands on my waist, "Who's your type then?"

He turned around, walking back to me, looking straight into my eyes, deep, he said , " You're so dumb Ishika"

Who? Me? Nooo.. I'm not dumb. Huh! :/


Ooopss. I knw its a late update.. so. bigggg chapter as a compensation.. How was it guys.. Comment Comment!

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