Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


5. New Friends

The next day started with Chemistry Practicals. The lab was huge enough to accomodate all the students of a class. It had several tables kept and each table could accomodate 4 students. I confirmed my seat number and went to my table. 

Soon enough, our professor Asha Ma'am entered and taught us our first experiment.

I got busy in doing the experiment, when I heard someone across the table calling me. "Hey! Are you getting the readings correctly?" I looked at him. It was the guy sitting opposite to me on the table, looking a bit lost.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"I'm not getting the readings properly. Could you please help me?"

"Sure" I headed towards his side of the table. "See.. first hold your flask like this, then titrate.."

He cut me mid-way "Hey! You are the new girl right?"

I shot him a look. "Yaa" but then continued "then titrate a small amount of the liquid and then shake the flask.. If it turns.."

"By the way, I'm Karan. Hi" He again interrupted. 

I was irritated now. "You know what? I guess you are just not interested in learning. No wonder you're not getting the readings correctly." I was about to leave his table when he held my hand to stop me.

"Sorry sorry sorry.. I wont interrupt now. Promise" I still wasnt convinced, but he made puppy dog faces, holding is ears with his hands so I had to agree.

"OK. But if you interrupt even once.." I pointed my finger at him. he said "Then you shall be free to go. But that wont happen. Promise"

I again got busy with the experiment but this time, he didn't interrupt me at all. Thank God for that.


"Hey thanks yaar. If you hadnt helped, I wouldn't have been able to complete my experiment today." He said as the practicals got over. Hmm.. Seems to be a nice guy. Just a bit over-talkitive.

"Its OK. Not a big deal." 

"Anyways, I'm Karan. And you are Miss..?" 


"Great" He extended his hand for a handshake "Friends?"

"Friends??! Well.. Only if you promise that I will not have to teach you anything from now on" I said with a smirk, grabbing his hand. "Friends". He reciprocated that with a smile.

As we left the lab, he introduced me to his group. They were a group of 4.. Karan, Pooja, Soham and Ashish. They all welcomed me to their group. 'I guess I've found a good group of friends. Great!' I thought to myself.

"Come now lets go. We'll get late for class." Soham announced, looking at his watch. We nodded and started walking to the class.


Soon it was break time. We all went to canteen. While others were searching for an empty table, I got busy looking for Rohan. I spotted him at a distant table, sitting with Diya.

I waved at him and signalled my friends to join us there. They were looking a bit confused as they couldnt figure out the connection between me and the students of other class. 

I, being the only person to know both the groups, introduced them among each other.

"Hey where's Sachin?" I enquired.

"On that table", Diya pointed out, "As usual, he's got a new girlfriend today" She said plainly.

A pang of jealousy streaked through me when I saw him sitting with this girl, too close for my liking. He waved at me but again got busy chit-chatting with that girl. Bloody flirt. huh.

While talking, we came to know that Karan also stays in the same area as me and Rohan.

"Hey thats great. That means, we can travel together from tomorrow. I anyways come alone on my bike." Karan suggested.

I looked at Rohan. "No thanks. She comes with me" he declared.

Karan : "Yaa but.. I'm just suggesting that...."

Rohan (cutting him) : "Thanks for the suggestion." He said that with a polite smile, but only I knew what would be going on in his head. Sometimes, I just love the way Rohan acts protective towards me. :)

"Hey hi Ishika.. Sorry was a bit busy" Sachin said taking the seat besides me, grinning widely. I just shot him a look, but didn't bother to answer.

It was now that I looked properly at him. My God! Even today he was looking so mouth-wateringly handsome in his body-hugging grey t-shirt and blue faded jeans. Isshh Ishika.. its not good manners to check someone out like this. I mentally scolded myself, and outside, I just displayed a smile.

He continued "So you finally found good friends haa"

Diya(glaring at me) : "Yaa thats good actually. Now you can finally be with your group of friends and not need Rohan all the time with you. Right?"

Ok. I know that she likes Rohan, but this.. this was so mean. 

Rohan : "Excuse me Diya, I dont always be with her because she needs me or something, but because she's my best friend. Got it?"

I noticed her getting a bit upset, but then, she herself had called for this. Now if you insult me in front of my best friend, this is exactly what you'll get.


 Need some ideas for the next update. What do you all want to see happening in the story. Bit stuck how to take it forwad. Btw, hope you all enjoyed this one.

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