Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


18. Lovey Dovey

Ishika's POV :


Sachin smilingly pulled backwards and leaned on his seat, still breathing heavily. His eyes were looking softly into mine with a language of its own which said, how honestly he felt the words that he just said; how genuine his love is for me. I wanted him also to know how special he was for me. Leaning myself towards him, I cupped his face with one hand and kissed his cheeks softly, and then whispered my heart's voice in his ears 'I love you too.'


A shade of pink formed on his cheeks as he grinned widely. "You again made my heart go crazy princess"


I chuckled resting my head on his shoulder and put my arm around his neck. His hand wrapped around mine securely while he rested his head on mine. This was by far, the best moment in my life. I could hear his heart which I knew just beated for me. It felt as if we were just meant to be together.


I looked up at him and noticed his cheeks were still pink with the blush. I pinched his nose playfully "You look so cute with that blush."


He smiled again showing off his cute dimples.


"Ishika. I'm feeling so guilty for behaving like that today. Sorry aga.."


I put a hand over his mouth "Its fine baby. Happens."


I hugged him tight again. Just then, my mobile rang.


"Yaa Rohan." I said straightening myself on the seat.


"I'm going home now. Coming with me?" He asked.


I turned towards Sachin, who I guess understood why the call was. "Tell him I'll drop you home."


"Roh.." I spoke into the phone but Rohan's voice cut me "Okay. Fine." He said and disconnected the call right away. I did feel a little strange but just shrugged it off. Maybe he was in a hurry.


"Umm..Music?" Sachin asked as the car roared to life.


I smiled "Sure"




Days rolled on and now, Sachin had become an integral part of my life. He was everything that I ever wanted my boyfriend to be. And the way he treated me - always like a princess. My life couldn't get more perfect!


Only one thing that was bugging me now was that now, I found very little time for my friends - specially Rohan.


So one fine day when it was an off from college, I decided to pay a surprise visit at Rohan's place.


His mom, Vidya Aunty opened the door. "Hello Aunty. How are you?" I greeted her entering the house.


"Oh Ishika. Hello beta. Long time haa." She too greeted back welcoming me.


"Yes Aunty. Really Long. Was caught up with the exams and stuff." Okay okay, I lied here. But here its allowed. Safety issues you see! "Umm. By the way, where's Rohan?"


"In his room. You go and meet him, I'll get some snacks for you." So saying, she went towards the kitchen and I headed towards Rohan's bedroom.


Knocking is sounding too mainstream here. I decided to open the door instead and sneak peak inside. When I did that, I saw him sitting on his recliner, talking to someone on the phone. I tiptoed myself to where he was and slowly leaned myself down to his ear-level. I tried to decode who he was talking to initially but I guess, that I will come to know in the end. Right now, lets just scare him.


Taking my position, I shouted a 'Caught you' in his ears, making him almost shiver from panic. While he was still in mini-state of shock, I took the opportunity and snatched his mobile, already making a run towards the free side.


"Ishu.. give it back.. please..Ishika" He kept running after me, making failed attempts to catch it, while I teased him showing my tongue and thumbs-down. "Nah! First.. let me see.. who you're talking to!" I said between laughs, constantly changing the position of the phone in my hand.


"Are.. stop.. Ishika.."


"Haha..Catch me if you can." I said moving randomly through the room with him following me. But I guess it was a wrong decision to challenge a guy who's so much into sports. He was definitely faster and quicker than me and soon got hold of my wrist and turned me around with a jerk.


"Haha. Now run if you can!" He said proudly holding my hand in the air.I narrowed my eyes towards him. Who are you challenging Mr. Rohan Kapoor? I took a pillow from the bed which was lying nearby and threw it in his direction. His grip on my hand loosened instantly so I quickly released myself, opened the door and ran outside towards Nikki Di's bedroom. Rohan quickly followed.


"You're so dead." He said charging towards me.


After some chasing and teasing, he slowed down, putting his hands on his waist and walking at me victoriously. I narrowed my eyes at his behaviour, but when I looked around, I panicked as I found myself caught-up in a V-shaped corner, formed by bed on one side and wall on the other. Damn!


He easily walked towards me, and caught me between his arms which rested on the walls on either sides of my head. I moved my hand behind my back, but again, that was a silly move to make. He easily grabbed my arm, sliding his hand downwards. His eyes were constantly looking into mine with a victorious grin plastered on his face. Damn it! Why does he always have to win! I'm not playing this next time *pout* Yeah yeah! I know no one told me to!


Just as he was about to get hold of the phone, I felt him suddenly leave the grip from my hand. His playful expression also changed into a hard one and he - backed off? But why? Suddenly?


"Oye! What happened?" I hit him slightly on his arm while he sat down on the edge of the bed.


"Nothing." He looked up to my eyes, giving me a smile, which looked like a genuine one but I could say there was something else in it. He playfully punched my arm. "You win."


I sat down myself on the bed beside him "But what happened to you suddenly?"


He shook his head "Nothing."


I rolled my eyes "You think you can get away with this plain Nothing?"


He looked up into my eyes with a strong gaze. But then blinked his eyes saying "Its nothing Ishika. Honestly! I wanted you also to know how it feels to win." He bragged smiling to me, with a crooked naughty smile. "But dont make it a habit ha. I won't let you win always."


I slapped his arm "You scared me silly boy! And by the way, I don't need your favours to win!"


"Ahha? Really?" He raised his eyebrows questioningly while I just bit my tongue smiling sheepishly.


"Ok! I sometimes do need your favors to win. Happy?"


He put his hand on my cheeks "And be sure that I'll never never let you lose. In any which way." I smiled knowing he meant every word that he said. I can only feel blessed that I have the best person in the world as my best friend!




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