Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


3. College Started

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Rohan parked his bike in the college parking and accompained me to the college office, as I still had to collect my I-card.

On our way, he showed me the cricket playground where he practises with his team. Some of the guys who saw us passing by, waved at him, gesturing him to join the game. He too gestured with his hand, "Tomorrow!"

Someone came all of a sudden and wrapped one arm around Rohan's shoulders from behind, almost like falling on him, causing him to stumble a bit. I looked at their direction and.... my eyes met a handsome face, a guy with mischievious eyes and a naughty smile was holding on to Rohan. "Hey dude! Where have to you been.. Was looking for you since morning."

Rohan gave him a disgusted look, smoothening his shirt "Behave yaar.. you messed my shirt"

"Oopss! sorryy.."  The guy's eyes then fell on me "Is she with you?"

Rohan shook his head and before he could say anything, the guy again started, "Oh My My.. You never told me you had girlfriend *pout* By the way, She's beautiful dude."

Rohan gave him a look. Again. "She is my friend Ishika." pressing on the word friend.. "and Ishika, he is Sachin, my classmate." 

Hmm.. so the handsome guy is Rohan's classmate! That means I'll get to see him often... thats cool!

Sachin extended his hand towards me, and we did a formal handshake. "Are you sure she is just a friend?" He said with a smirk.Gosh! He 's got such a killer smile!

"Yaa.. But that dosent mean you have a chance. Dont even think about that." My over-protective best friend raised an eyebrow. Sachin put his hands up in surrender "OK Boss. As you say. By the way, is she in our class? I mean.. I dont remember seeing her in class."

"No.. She is Division B. And besides, today is her first day."

Yup! That was true. Me and Rohan were put in different divisions, Me in Division B and him in Division D. It was the college's right to decide which student is put in which division. Sad!

 Sachin : "Well then, welcome to the college, Ishika."

Me : "Thanks"

Sachin : "Come then lets go, our classes are anyways on the same floor"

"We have some work in the office, before the lecture starts. You carry on dude." Rohan said.

"Office.. hmm.. okk.. there's still time for the lecture to start. I'll come with you'll "
I thought that was a great idea, but Rohan didnt think so. I could say from his expressions. His next statement proved it.

"I guess you had to complete your Biology assignment. We have our practicals today too, if you remember."

"Ohh shit.. I still have to complete it." He banged his hand on his head "Thanks dude, I better go directly to the class. Bye then.. Bye Ishika"

We then headed towards the office, where a middle aged lady was sitting at the counter. I went and enquired about my I-card.

"Late admission?" She eyed me.

"No ma'am. Admission was done before itself. I only joined late." I hope I gave a satisfying answer. I'm sure I did as she did not interrogate me further, just asked me my fee receipt and the remaining documents, after which she got busy in the formal work.

"Okay. Here's your I-card" She said handing it over to me.


Our classes were on the first floor of the three-storey building. We reached near my class, but decided to stand outside for some time, as still 10 mins were remaining for the lecture to start. I was observing my surroundings and the people in my class. I felt more than a few eyes staring at us, some girls giggling, and a few guys eyeing me from top to bottom. Being under unkown people's glares really made me uncomfortable.

"Dont worry, you'll be fine." Rohan said, as if reading my thoughts.

Me : "I hope so. Anyways.. its almost time. You go to your class now"

Him : "Okay. I'll see you in the break. Take care."

Rohan gave me a half hug and headed towards his class. I went in my class and got seated on an empty bench, so that I could sit alone. People were still giving me the 'Oh she s the new girl' look, which I was trying to ignore.

Three girls approached me, giggling among themselves. One of them sat with me and the other two, sat on the bench behind.

They introduced themselves as Sanjana, Meera and Sandhya. I muttered a formal hi , giving my introduction.  I was still trying to figure out what made them giggle so much. Wierd.

We couldnt talk further as our Hindi professor, Prof. Gupta entered the class. The class started, thus marking the dawn of my new life... College life.

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