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Hi peps !!;) I hope u like the fanfic I did . And if u don't like it , pls keep the rude comments to urself . So basically the story is about a group of girls that can kick SERIOUS ASS .they consist of Clary , Isabelle , Maia , Tessa and Mareen . They battle a lot of other groups . Their group are The Fallen Angels . The rest of the story , read and find out !!! ;)


1. The Fallen Angels

So 'my thinking u alr know what's going on . Well it will be a lot more confusing really soon . Hope u like my fanfic.

Izzy's Pov

Would u plead hurry up gurls?" Izzy( Isabelle ) whisper-yelled. Oh come on Izzy , would u please take a chill pill?"Maia snapped back. Could u girls be a little more sophisticated?" Tessa added . WOULD U GURLS SHUT UP?!?!" Clary huffed as she shot daggers at Izzy and Maia. That shut them up. Jeez , she was scary when she was angry.

Oh great !! The Fallen Angels decide to grace us with their presence !! I thought the would back down!!" Jace wayland , smirked . Of course the girls did no know who he was . Or his other four team members.

Oh come on now!! Don't this we're some group of little birds. Now let's get this over with!!" Izzy shouted as she shrugged of her leather jacket. She was wearing a black. The other girls also wore masks. Clary's mask was emerald green , Maia's was summer orange , Tessa's was dark blue at the top and turned light blue at the bottom , and Mareen's mask was blood red.

The mask were all in the same fashion as the ones used for a maskarade ball. The top of the masks , were the the ears of owl.the fire-red hair of clary' framed her pale face. Her petite form had a orange jacket that reached the end of her chest. She was wearing a black tank top and a pair of denim jeans finished the look. Izzy was wearing all black exept for her golden whip/bracelet and her gold necklace. She was the unofficial leader of the group of ferocious girls. Tessa was wearing a pair of black jeans , with a navy blue tank top . Marreen was wearing purple skirt with tights underneath , a dark green collarless shirt fitting loosely on her extermely small figure. And finally Maia had a black hoodie on and a pair of army green cargo pants and a loose t-shirt.

The fight was about to start. The fight of the century was about to start ........ And it was gonna be messy . Really messy .......

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