Typical love story? Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. And they all live happily ever after. The end. No. This story is filled with drama, secret admirers, jealousy, suspense, fear and betrayal. It all begins with a simple and innocent summer camp...


4. Chapter 4


Don't ask me why...But I'm sharing my food or I mean marshmallows with Niall.....On top of a hill! What's up with me?! The only way to get food off of me is by snatching it off me or by force. I thought that the day I willingly shared my food, pigs would fly. And well, pigs aren't exactly flying. I guess it's true when people say that nothing's impossible. Rachel hates that saying. 

'Well it's technically not true. Think about it. It's impossible to slam a revovling door! Or...or it's impossible to...uh... teach a baby 10 different languages in 10 minutes.' I remember her saying. Her and her crazy thoughts.

 Omg why do I keep talking to myself in my head?! I'm going crazy! Shut up stupid little voice in my head.

No, you shut up.

Shut up

No, you shut up.

Why am I arguing with myself.....? What has my life come to? I snapped back into the real world when Niall shook me slightly.

"You know that you have to share your food with me as well." I said to Niall. Niall's face stiffened a bit.

"Yeah okay...." He said and looked down.

"Are you nervous?" I said and hopped to get nearer him.

"No..." He said and didn't look up. HA!

"Yes you are!" I said, laughing. I hopped away; snatching the marshmallows and ran down the hill. 

"Hey I want some more!" I heard Niall say and ran behind me. After I got down the hill I ran in the forest. I hid behind a tree and I sighed and sat down against it. I need to work out more. Suddenly someone grabbed hold of my arm.

"You think you can hide from me?" Niall smirked.

"Yeah I can but I don't want you to take hundred of years to find me. I made it easy on purpose. I felt sorry for you" I said, leaving out the fact that when Rachel and I were in our nappy age (or American version = diaper) she would always find me within 5 seconds when playing that game. 

"Somehow I doubt it." He said

"I can make it hard like your lower region was when I was to near you." I winking and walked away like a boss.

"Wait what?" I heard Niall say after about a minute. I caught his cheeks turn slightly red out of the corner of my eye.  I laughed and ran to my tent.

"Are you there Rachel?" I said and saw that no one was here. Where is she? I was about to walk back outside our tent when I noticed a post-it note. I picked it up and read Rachel's note. 

~Just showing Harry around. And before you over think, no. We are JUST friends!~

Wow, it's creepy how Rachel knows exactly what's going through my mind when she said that. 

"Rachel?!" I heard someone. I walked back outside and saw Louis peering into my tent. 

"She isn't here." I said, giving him the cold shoulder and rolled my eyes. I am mad at him because that he made Rachel angry. Anyone she hates automatically becomes my arch enemy. 

"Do you know where she is?" He sighed frustrated. 

"Out with Harry" I said bluntly. 

"Oh..." He said sadly, turning away and started to walk. 

"You like her don't you?" I said, making him stop in his tracks.

"H-how did you know?" He stuttered, turning around again.

"You can't make it more obvious." I said and he blushed.

"What are they doing?." blurted out.


"Her and Harry" 

"Just hanging out, I guess" Louis' face turned pale white.

"Ummm are you okay?" I said he nodded. He looked like he was going to throw up.

"Y-yeah I'm f-fine." He stuttered and walked away. Weird kid!

"Claire!" Niall screamed and walked in the tent. Geez! Whatever happened to getting permission to step foot in one's personal property?

"What?" I said and rolled my eyes

"Hi." He said and gave me a sweet smile...What?!

"Heyo!" I said 

"Can I have some more?" He said. He really came all this way just to get some more? I'll never understand this kid.

"Nope." I said

"Why?" He said

"Absolutely not." I said

"Why?" He said 

"I have to have some for tomorrow." I said in a duh tone.

"Oh okay..." He said, pouting.

"Fine! Maybe just one..." I said, giving him one. The smile on his face was worth it though. 

I ended up giving him the whole packet. Dammit!


Breathe. Deep breaths Rachel. Deep breaths. 

I breathed in and out slowly, clutching my stomach. Harry sat opposite me, looking at me with amusement written all over his face. 

"Want more?" He smirked.

"No!" I said instantly. I really didn't need any more of his corny jokes. They were really bad but yet, I laughed like an idiot. My stomach hurts now.

"Just one more. Please" He said.

"Maybe later" I said, going back to my double chocolate chip ice cream, smothered in chocolate sauce and other chocolates on there. If you haven't realised, chocolate is my absolute weakness. 

"Um... Rachel?" Harry asked.

"Wha?" I tried to say. It's hard talking while having a stuffing your face with ice cream.

"It's about Louis." He sighed, looking down at his hands.

"What about him?" I said, stiffening. Did we have to bring that jerk up into the conversation now?

"I'm-uh- not sure if I should tell you this...?' He trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing.

"No. Tell me: I said seriously, swallowing my ice cream.

"Louis. He's not who you think he is" Harry said, avoiding eye contact with my eyes. 

"He's not who I think he is? So are you saying that he's the sweetest person in the whole world, kind, not a jerk-" I began.

"Listen, Rachel. He just wants to be friends with you. You just keep pushing him away for some reason." Harry said.

"There's a good reason to" I said. There was. Besides the fact that he's a jerk. He has a striking similarity, looks wise, to him

"Just give him a chance, Rach." Harry pleaded

"Why do you want me to be friends with him anyway?" I asked. True, Louis is Harry's best mate but why would Harry care who I'm friends with or not. 

"I-uh- can't say" He said, scratching the back of his neck nervously. 

"Do you want to go back now?" I asked, getting out of my chair. 

"Sure" He replied, doing the same. 

We walked back in silence. 


Secrets everywhere! Everyone is hiding some kind of secret. Too bad you don't know what it is ;)

But you'll find out later rather than sooner. 

Why do you think Harry wants Louis and Rachel to be 'friends'? I know =P

-Tiger99 & Julia_One_

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