Typical love story? Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. And they all live happily ever after. The end. No. This story is filled with drama, secret admirers, jealousy, suspense, fear and betrayal. It all begins with a simple and innocent summer camp...


1. Chapter 1



I'm so excited.  I'm going to camp with my best friend Rachel Morgan. We have been going there since we were 15.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Claire Jones and Rachel and I are both 18. I live with my mom, dad and my little brother Wren, who's 15 years old. What else should I say?... Oh yeah, my favourite colour is-

"THERE YOU ARE!!!!!" I sighed dramatically. Rachel was hurrying towards me. Her cheeks were kind of red. 

"About time!" I said, sassily placing my hands on my hips.

Rachel was supposed to pick me up so we could go to camp together. I picked up my bag pack and suitcases and pulled them along. 
"I'm sorry. The baby sister was late so I had to same home with Ashley. Sorry" She said, clearly out of breath.

"Is your mum going to work late again?" I asked, my voice sounding softer. I really feel sorry for her. Her dad left them when she was 5. She practically had to take care of her younger 7 year older sister, Ashley. Her mum works late everyday in order to put food on the table. Times like these, really make me appreciate what I have.

She nodded her head slowly."Yeah, she is going to drop us off then go straight back to work" she said, hangingher head down. We both walked in silence towards her car. 

"I'm sorry. Hey, we're here to have fun right? So turn that frown upside down!" I said.

*About a hour later* 

"So girls we are here." 

"Thanks for the drive," I said and got out of the car

"Ready?" Rachel said we we had all our stuff

"Yeah." I said and we started to walk to the camp leaders. My favorite is Miss.Twist 

"Hello girls nice to see you again." Miss.Twist said

"Yeah it´s nice to be here again." Rachel said. She takes every nice talk she can. But if someone touches her I will get them! God I sounds like a overprotective boyfriend.....

"Go to your tent now." She said 

"Yeah we know what to do." I said and we started to walk to the tent we have used every time we have been here.About 5 minutes we we saw our tent , I walked to it and heard talking/screaming in there. WTF?!

"Come out if the tent with the hands were I can see them!" I said and the people got out there were 5 boys......

"Who are you?" I said annoyed 

"Well who are you?" One of them said he have brown hair with blue eyes

"I asked first but I if you really wanna know...I am Claire and this is Rachel." I said

"Well I´m Louis, this is Niall, Harry Zayn and Liam. And we are new here." Louis said

"Oh so that´s the boys everyone was talking about....I gonna give you nicknames soon." I said 

"Okay...?" Louis said

"Give us back our tent." I said

"We were here first." Louis said

"We was in this tent for 3 years ago." I said

"Well this tent is to big for just you two." Louis said

"Who said more aren't coming?" I said and gave Rachel the play-along look 

"Yeah our other friends are coming." She said, nervously, not looking them in the eyes. Damn! I really need to work on her lying skills.

"Fine, if you want the tent so bad, we'll have to go to the only tent left then." I said and we walked away...This tent is bigger hahaha

"Well we changed plans." I said when we came to the tent

"Aren't you going to something about it?" SHe said

"Of course I am! They are going to have a hell of a summer." I said and smiled


A/N You must think I am crazy.....But seriously Neha (Tiger99) is going to do this with me :DDD YAYAYAYAYAYAY ANyways hope it´s a good beginning 



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