Arrow Head

Arden Gray was a normal 19 year old girl with a military father and an absence of a mother. Since she was little, her dad had trained her with almost any weapon; except archery. After perfecting her skills in handling almost any firearm, her dad is enlisted to fight in the Afghanistan war. Saying farewell to her only family member, Arden seeks refuge in a local college course that offers archery. Determined to impress her father when he returns, Arden pours everything into perfecting the art of archery.
On her first day, she nearly hits Harry Styles.

One arrow changes everything.


3. -Two-

"I just don't understand why you have to have a specific day to show someone how much you care about them," Harry answered. Liz and I were sitting with Harry after Archery a week later talking about Valentines Day. "I mean if you love someone, shouldn't you tell them and show them every day for the rest of your lives?"

I pulled at the grass beneath my feet. "Well, maybe Valentines Day would be a day that you devote yourself solely to that someone," I counteracted. Harry gave a scoff and rolled his eyes. 

Liz leaned on me and grinned. "My boyfriend and I are going to see his grandma in California in four weeks. She's cancer-free now."

"That's good," I say, staring at Harry's concentrated expression. His hand glided over the white paper, his pencil in hand. He had completely zoned out of our conversation. "Speaking of which, when will I meet the elusive Charlie?"

"He's coming back from college this weekend, if you want to come out to dinner with us? I'll get him to bring one of his friends." Liz winked, and picked up her backpack, standing up. "I'll call you later. See you, Harry."

Harry mumbled something, and turned back to drawing. I watched as Liz jogged across the field and unlocked her car. I heard Harry place his art book down and stand up. I tilted my head to meet his gaze. His hand was stretched out so I took it. He pulled me up. 

"Time to teach you how to not shoot cute boys," he said, moving towards the bow's and arrow's.

"You're so egotistical," I muttered. Harry handed me my bow and arrows and then took a place twenty feet beyond the suggested standing space. "What are you doing?"

"I've been doing archery since I was five. Watch this," Harry said, raising his bow and pulling back the string. He closed one eye and flicked his curls out of his eyes. He let the arrow fly and I struggled to follow it to the target. The arrow hit the target in the dead centre. "Impressive?" I heard Harry ask. I could hear the grin he was showing. I nodded and then moved closer to the target. I stood with my hips facing the target, and pulled back the bow string and the arrow. I heard Harry run up behind me, and I felt his hands turn my hips so they are slightly off centre. He reaches out and tilts my arm higher, and stood back. "Now breathe out while you let it go."

So I did. I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as I let the arrow go. I watched as it flew towards the target, and it hit just on the target. I lower my bow and drop my head. "I'm a failure."

"No you're not, you're just doing it wrong," Harry said. 

I turn to him and glare at him. "Thanks."

For the next two hours, Harry corrects my mistakes as I slowly start hitting closer to the targets centre. If I did well, Harry would cheer and clap his hands. If I didn't, he would help me to improve. Liz, Harry and I started talking the second day of Archery, and they didn't really agree much. Unless it was about how college students were much hotter, they would disagree about the smallest of things. Like what technique was better in wrapping up a burrito or what colored car was better during summer. They lived through it though. Liz had told me she had heard of Harry sometimes throughout school, but it was never really something good. She heard that his mother had left him when he was 18 because his mom loved someone else in Canada. He lived with his older brother in a shitty, run-down shack just off the pier. He was humble though. 

"Alright, I think that's enough." Harry took the bow off me and collected the arrows. "I guess I will see you tomorrow?" 

"Yeah, you will," I said and made my way to our bags. Harry's art book was laying open and on the page facing me, there was a girl, with excessive amounts of curves in her hips and breasts, and she was holding an arrow in one hand and a bleeding heart in another. I picked it up and twisted to see Harry. "Who is this?" I asked, pointing to his book. 

Harry's face turned white, then red. "It's no one." 

"She looks familiar..." I said, trying to determine who it was. 

Harry tugged the book out of my hands. "Probably some celebrity." He gathered his books and his bag and waved goodbye to me. 

"Some celebrity my ass," I said.

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