Arrow Head

Arden Gray was a normal 19 year old girl with a military father and an absence of a mother. Since she was little, her dad had trained her with almost any weapon; except archery. After perfecting her skills in handling almost any firearm, her dad is enlisted to fight in the Afghanistan war. Saying farewell to her only family member, Arden seeks refuge in a local college course that offers archery. Determined to impress her father when he returns, Arden pours everything into perfecting the art of archery.
On her first day, she nearly hits Harry Styles.

One arrow changes everything.


1. -Prologue-

My dad walked up to me, his military uniform making him waddle. It was too tight on him, and he knew it. I had tried to force him to buy a new one, but he was reassured by his Officer that he would be provided with a new one. He had put on some weight since last time he had served. I tried to smile. I really did. My mouth twitched into what I thought was a smile, but the look on my dad's face said otherwise. He knew I was bad with goodbyes. Goodbye's shouldn't be necessary. It wasn't like he was going off to war for good, I was going to see him again. I would write to him, and send him pictures, and Skype him every couple of months. Dad finally reached me, and he wrapped me in his arms. I sniffed, my smile fading into sobbing. 

"It's for something good," I said, mainly to convince myself, but partly to Dad as well. "It really is."

I felt him nod above me, his cleanly shaven face gliding over my brunette hair. "I know, Arden, I know." 

He stepped back and quickly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. He sniffed, shook his head and cleared his throat before turning towards the men waiting by his car. He turned to the saluting soldiers and then turned to me to wave. I was shaking. I tried to wave back, but ended up covering my face. He looked pained to leave me, but he got into the car and closed the door.

The sound seemed so final; like he was going away for good, like he wouldn't come back, but he will. He was determined to serve his six months and return. As I watched the car pull out and the soldiers get into their own cars, I turned to face the banner Dad had put up yesterday. 

Happy 18th Birthday, Arden.

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