The Amazing Family That Love Dogs

This story is about how the family treated their pets and how much they love them


6. Jake and Polly

I asked a dog for my birthday again and my family said no

I was very sad. But I keep In asking for a dog.

One day on October before my birthday I go to school and go home at 3:00 p.m.

My mom said to me don't go upstairs but I want to go upstairs. Suddenly my mom brought me infront of the house to the garage and I knew if my mom have prepared me a dog again, but when I  open it's a puppy 1 month and the type was chihuahua and it was female and male just like I wish but actually I want three but that's okay because I already have it again. I name them Jake and Polly. I train them and they obey me. One time I hold Jake, he fall two times but not the same day and it cried because of the pain and I'm very worried but I'm grateful because he's ok. One time when my cousin hold Jake it fall and one time when I carry Jake and Polly and begin to open the garage Jake fall. I play with them everyday now and I also create a song for them

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