The Amazing Family That Love Dogs

This story is about how the family treated their pets and how much they love them


3. Don't go away

Actually the male is for my sister but since my sister is afraid they give it to me. So back in the story about me. My dad are to tired to take care of my dogs. My dad ask me to give one of the puppies to some one so I choose the female. Now I only have one dog left. My dog always bark at night and my neighbors always complain about it because they can't sleep. But I don't care. So when I was going to my grandma's house for three weeks my maid is the one who took care of my puppies and it grow, so it's a dog.Since then my dog forget me and bite my finger and it hurt. My dad was complaining too because it barks at night and doesn't want to stop. I think he's afraid because he have no friend and was left alone. So my dad decided to give it to the person that we gave Brittany and I was very lonely
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