Jack Sparrow in the 20's

When the one and only disgrace to all pirates angers a gypsy woman after getting into a fight with another drunkard, accidentally rampages through her hut wall, She casts a curse on him. When Jack wakes up he finds himself in a whole new world, the twenties.
What happens when he meets a young teenaged girl? Will he start his new life like an ordinary person with the help of his new first mate, or will this be too much for him and begin his journey on trying to get back to his age?
Read on and find out....

(Just so you know, it's somewhat a fanfiction...)


1. The Gypsy Woman

"Yoho me hearties yo ho yo ho!" Sang Jack Sparrow drunkly as he bumped into another drunk, causing him to smash his beer glass on the floor. Jack stood up properly, but wearily. "Oho," said Jack. "Best be off then ay, mate?" Sparrow turned to leave in long strides when the large man pulled him back by his shirt. "You're not going anywhere you ain't, me hearty yo ho!" Said the man in a mimicking slur. Jack spun around to face the man, his eyes widening. A punch flew towards Jack Sparrows face, a sickening crack and he was sprawled on the floor. "Ack!" Said Jack, shaking his head and blinking, he opened his mouth wide and moved his jaw and nose in a circular motion. Jack reached for his nose, "Crack!" He snapped it sideways to adjust it. Now he had to fight, "Get up old man!" Yelled the muscular man. Sparrow pulled out his sword, but gave a heavy heave, now the silver sword stuck fast into the wooden roof, wobbling. "Oh, Great!" Mumbled Jack, and sped off out of the bar with the man close on his heels. The man caught hold of Jack again and sent him flying into a straw hut. Knocked out cold, the drunk left Jack alone but now his drunk stained body lay there for a gypsy woman to do what she pleased to him, for he had wrecked her small gypsy hut.

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