Why Me?

Selena Martinez is a youtuber who makes weird and funny video...Selena has alot of badluck when it comes to boys...but what happens when she wants to visit London?...What will happen when she meets 9 strangers?..will 4 of them fall for her? Will she fall for them or will they just break her heart?...will she stay or will she leave?...or will her luck turn around?


2. New Video! and Move to London!

Selena's P.O.V.

I was just doing what i usually do on fridays, i was setting up my cammera to record a new video for my youtube fans. Yeah thats right i make youtube videos! I do music covers,fun stuff with my friends, answer questions for my fans, and sometimes i just record stupid thing i do! Xp oh well!



S:So what should i do today?!?!Hmmm....Maybe i should play truth or dare!

S:YEAH now that would be fun! Ok so PeoPle tweet me some truth or dares that we could do! We'll try to do most of them...if we dont do one of yours then sorry we didnt get to it.so...yeah sorry...

*a couple minutes later*

S:okay so @Riley_Jennings (made up name) said "i dare u too to pretend you are gangter and sing Clique!" Umm...okay i'll be right back. K Imma go change! be back!

*Returns with a gangster costume*

Alright guys...umm i actually know this song cuz its BOOM! So…yeah dont judge!

*starts song, a couple mins later, finishes singng song*

Okay Riley there imma bad singger so...umm you asked me to sing to not my fault your ears are bleeding! Okay so @Cassie_pedroza gave me a truth so umm...okay she said "Selena who are u dating or like/have a crush on" well im living the single life! ,cuz nobody wants to date me, & most of the guys at my school are rude! So not really any of them. Haha yeah imma single & that means i can hangout & chill with guys without "my boyfriend" getting jelous! Or me getting jelous over " my boyfriend" hanging out with girls so its all good!

*Skip the other thruth & dares*

Okay well tanx for watching! Next week ill be filming in...(drumroll)...London, England! Because as u all know im making a living out of the money i get from youtubing! So ive been saving up to travel around the world which ive done befor except i havent been to England. So imma go this weekend for at least a couple weeks! So see u guys next friday!

*The Next Day*

S:Well bye Brooke & Julie ill miss u guys!

J:we'll miss u to!

B:Bye Babe! See u later!

My friends & i said to eachother as i got into the cab. I still cant believe my best friend turned out to be lezbien, but i support her, Julie & her met last year & Brooke asked her to move in with us yeah...i dont care what people say about her shes a good friend & i dont regret being her friend. So as i was at the airport waiting for them to call my plain this cute guy sat next to me.

"Hey do u have a phone i could barrow i need to call soneone" he asked me

S:"yeah sure here." I said handing him my phone

"Thanks" he said i saw him doing something on my phone but i didnt know wat! I also saw him pull out another phone...hmm i wonder wat hes doing!

"Here thanks for letting me barrow it."

S:"yeah no problem"

"So wats your name?!"

S:Selena yours?!

A:"Im Aaron"

S:nice to meet u Aaron.

A:so where are u going?! Or are you just waiting for someone to pick u up?!

S:oh im going to England! Wbu?!

A:oh...no im not going anywhere im just waiting for my friend to pick me up! So are u moving to England or just visiting?!

S:oh okay! & im just going for a visit you know see other places!

A:oh cool so maybe when you come back we can hangout?!

S:yeah that'd be cool

*now boarding flight 912 for England* i heard the intercom say

S:so i guess ill be going then. Bye!

A:bye!.....oh & check your phone!

I heard him say from a distance so i checked it & i had a message from him, he put his number on my phone, it said "hey maybe when u get back we can hang out?!"

I txted him

S:yeah okay bye!


*On The Plane*

(Rg:random guy)

Rg:hey is this seat taken?!

A guy asked with sunglasses & a hoodie.


Rg:okay!.....hey guys there are some seats over here!

I heard him say to someother guys. I looked & saw him coming back with what looked like 9 other guys. They were all wearing shades & hoodies.

(Org:other random guy)

Org:hey Josh whos this lovely lady?!

Another guy said & winked at me.

J:oh yeah im sorry i didnt get name?!

S:its Selena

Org:oh what a pretty name for such a pretty girl!

He said to me. I turned around so they wouldnt see me blushing.

(Arg:another random guy)

Arg:awwwe guys she blushing!

S:what?!...no im not

I lied.

Arg:yes u r!

S:no im not! Anyways who r u?!

Lou:im Louis!

S:cool name Lou!

Lou:how did u kno my knickname?!

S:i dont i just give people knicknames depending on what there name is!

Lu:oh well then im Luke, thats Harry, thats Niall, thats Zayn, thats Liam, thats Micheal,thats Calum, & thats Ashton.

S:hey Lukey,Hazza,Nialler,Zayny,Li,Mikey, & Ash

They all looked at me. Then eachother. Then back at me.


J:oh nothing.

S:okay...hey u guess rmind me of these 2 boybands i like!

Li:is that so?!


Z:what bands?!

S:One Direction and 5sos.

Ash:really u like them?!

S:Uhhhh YEAH! Problem?!

Ash:no not at all. & really u think there good?!

S:if i didnt would i be listening to them?!

Ash:oh which band r u listening to rite now?!

S:well one of the songs just ended & it was One Direction now its 5sos heartbreak girl.

All the boys looked at me & smiled.

S:wat?! U guys r just looking at me!

H:nothing its just...hey how would u like to come to our house & hang out with us?!

S:yeah sure why not?! U guys seem cool!

Cal:yeah we know!

*Skip The Rest Of The Flight*

When all of us got off there were so many girls there screaming! I wonder y!? Was there somebody fames in the plane?! If there was i wouldnt know they were probably in first class anyways

H:hey Selena c'mon over here!

S:oh okay! Comming!

We all got into a really nice car. But the thing is wen we got in the car they took off there hoodies & sunglasses! OMG IS THAT ONE DIRECTION & 5SOS SITTING INFRONT,NEXT, & AROUND ME?! Calm down Selena. Dont scream! I thought to my self.

Li:hey r u okay?!

S:yeah im fine! I just cant believe u guys didnt tell me earlier!

Z:tell u what?!

S:idk maybe that u guys r One Direction & 5sos!

N:oh well sorry...

S:its okay

H:hey whats ur phone number so we can all txt u & hang out!

I cant believe Harry Styles just asked me for my phone number! So after i gave them my number they all sent me a txt with there numbers on them.

Lou:hey can i see ur phone?!

S:ummm...yeah here

I handed him my phone. He looked at it. Then he looked at me & smirked.

Lou:hey Selena i really like ur wallpaper!

He showed the other boys & thats wen i remembers that i had a picture of One Direction & 5sos as my wallpaper. God i felt embarresd!

*A Couple Minutes Later*

When we got to the hotel Paul told the boys that he rented out a hole floor so the guys could choose any room they wanted.

N:hey Selena so which room is urs?!


Ni:arent u staying here?!

S:umm idk?

Z:well do u hav anywhere else to stay?!

S:umm no

Li:well then stay here with us!

S:well idk

Haz:C'mon stay here and hangout with us!

S:hmmm...um okay i guess ill stay


Cal:alright lets all meet at Louis in a little bit!


I choose a random room i saw and went in there i put my luggage on the floor. I jumped on the bed and screamed into the pillow. DAMMM there cuter face to face! Oh shit i hav to get ready & meet them in a little bit. I put on something comterable but cute. I wore my one of my favorite loose but cute flower printed shirt and my favorite ripped and bleached jeans. I also put on a little mor make up then i had on earlier. Wen i thought i looked decent i headed twords Louis's room. When i got to it i knocked. About a couple seconds later the door opend and Harry stood there just starring at me with a smirk on his face. Im very selfconcious so i just looked at the floor.

H:C'mon in Selena!

Harry said without taking his eyes off of me. When i walked in everybody just stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I just looked at the floor again and walked over to the couch and sat down everbody else was sitting at the little bar between the livingroom and the kitchen.

Mi:Hey Selena come over here!

S:umm okay

I walked over twords the kitchen and everybody just stared at me again i awkwardly stood there.

Mi:hey we hav some questions to ask u

S:umm okay ask away

Haz:umm okay do u hav a boyfriend?!

S:no im still single.

Haz:oh okay

He said with a smirk.

Lou:umm are u still a virgin?!

Li:Louis?! Why would u ask her that?!

Lou:i was just wondering!

S:its okay Liam i dont mind. And yes im still a virgin!

Cal:umm can u play any instruments or sing?!

S:umm no i cant sing but i would like to play an instrument.

Ash:what would u like to play?

S:ummm the guitar and the drumms!

Lu:oh cool but y those spacific ones?!

S:idk i like the guitar & drums and i like guys who play guitar & im also into drummers!

Lu,Ni,Cal,Mi:well i play guitar!

The four of them said at the sametime.

Ash,Josh:yeah and we play the drums!

I just laughed at them & how they said that.

Haz:hey guys we should play a game!


Everybody:yeah im in!

Mi:wbu Selena?!

S:yeah im in!

A/N idk if i should continue with this story!

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